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Ruddington throw a party in honor of the anniversary of the cat

Russian Britaniya 24.06.2019 at 18:59

In the village of Ruddington not far from Nottingham (Nottinghamshire) plan to throw a party in honor of the 10 year birthday of local cat named Wilbur.

the cat was famous for having regularly visited all the buildings in the village. Initially, Wilbur belonged to one of the local residents, however fuzzy he left her after she took 2 more cats.

In summary Wilbur was one day to "inspect" stores and businesses in the village. According to local residents, he just enters the building, sits on a chair and looks around and feels like home. He has 2 favorite places, a pub and a hairdresser.


the cat just walks into any store or anywhere, sits down in the chair. It even goes to the local hospital...Wilbur is part of our life, – said one of the residents of the village.

the cat became a local favorite, its always greeted warmly. Many greeted him and treated to a meal. A local pub decided to have a party on the occasion of the birthday of the cat. Already sent out invitations, is to be not less than 100 guests. In addition, the evening planned "coronation" of a cat. Cat jokingly given the title "king of Ruddington".


All money raised at the event will be sent to charity. Meanwhile, the organizers of the party admit that Wilbur is sometimes capricious and can "ignore" his birthday.