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A teenager almost died from-for left for the night on the charging pad

Russian Britaniya 25.06.2019 at 18:26

The Incident happened in Staffordshire, 11-year-old almost died because of the left to charge overnight tablet.

the Boy put the gadget on the bed beside him and fell asleep. In the morning he found that the charger burned through the mattress and the whole room is covered with a layer of black soot. In this case the teenager was not injured.

the scene called the fire Department. According to them, during the night the battery is hot at first and burned the sheets. The family was lucky that the incident did not provoke further fire, said rescuers.

This case is a grim reminder not to leave charging devices on materials that can ignite when heated, – said the lifeguard brad Robbins.

Robbins also added that it is important to check the status of the fire alarm system in the house.

this building did not have a working fire alarm, which would alert the family about the incident earlier, he said.