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The lawn itself will cut it, say manufacturers lawn-mowers-robots Husqvarna Automower retail and distribution 24.06.2019 at 09:53

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In the middle of the season it is quite difficult to fit in a few weekends all of the work required to care for the suburban areas. Often without proper care of lawn remains, but the presence of separate assistant, you can forget about this task and devote yourself to more pressing matters.

"lawn-Mowers-robots is not a new phenomenon in the Russian market, but the benefits of such a tool today, users not fully appreciated that in the first place due to misunderstanding of principles of operation of such devices. In Sweden alone, there are annually sold over 50 million units of Husqvarna Automower that not only work in areas of private users, but are used in commercial, municipal enterprises for lawn care in large parks, Golf courses, etc." - said Alexander Goncharov, head of the division of professional equipment Husqvarna.

lawn-Mowers-robots don't just do work for their owners, but also make it much better. The main principle of is to mow little and often. In order to understand the ease of operation and the effectiveness of such Autonomous machines, you need to know the key features of lawn mower robots.

the World's manufacturer of machinery for garden, Park and forest, Husqvarna since 1995, when she first in the world created this device, is working to improve the Automower and achieved amazing results. Today the company represents a complete line of smart self lawn mower robot: 100 series (compact robotic mower Husqvarna Automower 105 for small areas), 400 series (Husqvarna Automower 420/440) to work on large areas with difficult terrain). Depending on the modifications they are able to handle the lawn area from 600 to 4000 m2, working completely independently, even in rainy weather, because their housing is protected from moisture, dust and grass clippings.

All of these devices provide excellent results mowing, thanks to a sharp as a razor, blades, and with all this, does not require manual control. Beveled such knives turns into grass litter (mulch) that does not require harvesting and then it becomes natural fertilizer for the lawn. Lawn mowers-robots Husqvarna Automower environmentally friendly, as it does not produce harmful emissions, they also operate silently.

Specially for the cottagers this season, Husqvarna has made a special offer: purchase of lawn mower robot, the user gets a kit for the installation of the robotic mower as a gift. The promotion is valid till 31 Jul 2019.