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Humiliation, erected in the benefactor

Zadolba!whether 24.06.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

One clinic for our organization conducted the mandatory medical examination. Not for the first time even. I understand this is required otherwise the work will not tolerate, and his work I, first, love, second, elementary I need resources to exist.

This forced a humiliating medical examination itself: I'm a grown woman and well with his health will understand why I am obliged to put their sexual and other organs on display is absolutely foreign to me?

I don't feel better that their white robes and no easier by the fact that under the guise of concern about my precious women's health touch me and climb in all possible holes. Yes, I'm a sissy, and I was shaking and throwing up still after a gynecological examination with the doctor. These two professionals put in one room and they all watched together, four hands. Well, for convenience and rapidity is possible and so. It's all the right questions to ask in that moment, when I was wearing? But no team take them off completely gave up as soon as I walked in!

Okay, inspected for skin pathologies, examined the mammary glands (in, I imagine from the picture!) then the questioning went on the problems of female, I had long and detailed to explain, because not everyone sorry I on the part of women's health safely and I am both all as the spirit said, than as much as I have treatment from a gynaecologist and at the same time remind, I'm NOT DRESSED entirely and stand before them as the good soldier Svejk at attention.

Further examination of the chair — wonderful! Not only that, I've already got a strong Allergy on these chairs in connection with necessity often to recline the past two years, so here and like this! While there is certainly need to provide for the inspection well, very little, but no, still wear at least a bra with the dress was not given. Fun to them, whether that me a little longer to see all the details? Do not argue, I have things to look at, but it was women! And what it gave them???

And I all beauty is red and shortness of breath from anger and indignation, yet a man of culture and give maximum peace of mind, and I also expressed that I'm very sensitive and react aggressively to them. And how sorry I was such a mess to react? Maybe I'm wrong in something, but the feeling remained the most unpleasant, even nasty. Probably because rape happens and probably that's what women are experiencing it.

Boiling, from year to year, as the medical Board, so the powerless herd of cows on inspection at the vet!