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Not at home, you should read the host, and the house owner

Zadolba!whether 24.06.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Now I will say terrible, because I got bored, in response to calls to understand and to love aging parents, because they are the same you...

But the fact of the matter is that there. All pretend that this is not and can not be, but all know that parents not love their children. How do children love them? They are not taught these same unloving parents. There's not the promotion of family values needed, and actual everyday practice.

a Grown man, which teaches that mom and dad, they say, is getting old, so tyrannize, knows that's not the point. He grew up with them, and they are always tyrants. Well, not like they are somehow your child that turned bad, was reproached, was infringed by all available means. Not out of greed or sadism, why take the extreme, but just because it's so natural, mistreating someone you don't love.

Trust complaints grown-up children, they perfectly distinguish between lack of money and lack of love. Lack of money complain rarely, if ever complain. But in the second case, the flow of complaints and dislike of parents exactly the same natural.

note that in the biblical commandments wisely do not want to love father and mother, only to read. An effort of the will, the result of training, tradition, and not of love. That's good, because — why be hypocritical on an anonymous website? — few parents can completely rely on the love of their children.