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Hi, a tribe young, stupid!

Zadolba!whether 24.06.2019 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

That's the way we come to a society where the people themselves are not able to wipe out the ass.

the Cooking? Well, I do remember that the school taught girls to cook different things and generally explain the logic itself. Recipes... There's the taste and color. And who knows, maybe her future husband will adore pork in batter. I love it very much. Well, plus usually girls are taught "how to cook anything in haste". Need it or not — this overall development. Healthy and proper food is certainly good, but you can't teach it all.

Needlework? Here is a really basic thing, and have the needle and thread is helpful to anyone. On vacation you have shovchik somewhere will split or the button will come off, so what? Will look for a Studio? And the husband your daughter has a button on the shirt will come off, and it's in that shirt we had to go to work. Also Atelier looking for? I'm not talking about the fact that the fix the problem on their own will take significantly less time than transporting your belongings to the Studio and back plus waiting until it's fixed. The thread will be surprised, you can simply set. Once. I bought a "kit" of ten years ago.

By your logic, the man should be able to use a hand tool or screwdriver (still hurt...). And in General, do not raise anything heavier than a pen to sign an important document. But this is the path to a society of liposuction, where each small failure and a nuisance to freeze all the processes and all life.

At the same time, just because some inept lady is unable to access Navigator in the smartphone, search "everything for sewing" and to drive to the nearest store. Like you, in principle, not even zadolbali.

You scare people with straight arms and provide us with a stable source of easy income.