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Silence is not always proves the presence of mind, but always proves the absence of stupidity

Zadolba!whether 25.06.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Recently, there was a small battle about that, well if there's a movie and how to do it, and I would now still like to talk about other frequent participants view — talkers.

those who during a session, whether at home, in the company of friends, acquaintances or in a large cinema, all the time feel the need to voice out loud your precious opinion about certain events on the screen.

"No, well, what the fuck, at all can not play! For that only gave money..."

"mash, and Mash, and remember, a week ago in a Comedy Club like the joke was ahhahh Oh I can not!"

"is Not well Cho of the matter, in the USSR, just not ice cream this color was! Again rezhisserskie namutili!"

"Oh-e, just W around the corner someone is hiding! Oh, or that! Where you're going, fool!"

Well, something like that. They do not know that in the movie do not go for sharp and not very pearl the audience, and after that, to enjoy the work of filmmakers. Yes, if you specifically obvious any mistakes, bad acting or something else, for example, you do this genre is not close and you went with the company of others-it can be like, maybe people have long waited for a movie and have a different opinion.

And also in home viewing — OK, I can understand replica occasionally when it is very funny or very scary moment, but when every minute you loudly comment on scenes in the style of "I can't stand Hawaiian pizza as the main character", it is very spoils the impression. And about you and about the film. Well, really, not interested in anyone at the moment, what kind of pizza you have in favor.

the feature of this is when during a stressful, sad or climactic moments of the sofa hear your expert opinion about the reliability or even dirty jokes.