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As it is important to meet the professional

Zadolba!whether 25.06.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Work as a lawyer, and I am tired of wishing to substitute for the right to own some wishlist, and even those for whom there is canceled and changed laws.

Came to get a job. In the contract and other papers all written references to the Labor code. The code of labour laws repealed in 2001, is now acting labour code (LC RF). For the personnel officer is completely identical documents. In his speech, he can call it whatever you like. But if you are correct, you probably need to acknowledge and correct the mistake, not to yell and to scream "I'm a personnel officer and I know better". Go online, test, is a valid document, fix their template, remodel contract. Is it so difficult, it is better to argue until blue in the face?

Come into the store, see "alcohol and tobacco not sold to under 21". What joy you ask? But — I say — the law is. Explain that spirits existed such a gradation in the Khrushchev era. And that for decades, alcohol and tobacco are sold only with 18 and this plate is a direct violation of the civil code, and that any buyer can easily challenge the document. Thank you! Well they seem to know the law better than some of the buyer and do not believe, promise to check, but the sign is still in limbo.

And when I hear from journalists that a man was fined for "drinking alcohol in public areas" or "Smoking in public places" I just shudder. The law prohibits drinking in a limited number of locations (hospitals, educational institutions, public transport and a few others). Smoking the same story — you can't smoke in certain places (at work, on transport, at the entrance to the building), the rest, including the notorious stops and the balconies you can smoke. If you try to reprimand me that I have smoked — I'll point to the law. Want — look for it on the Internet, check my words, if you want to call the police, though oblizyvaetsya. If you behest any recent PPP wants to give me a ticket, he will be politely sent to study the law, but if not calm down, any such Protocol will be easily challenged in court with the payment of appropriate compensation.

Yes, I understand that all the laws is impossible to know. But when you try to operate "under the law" — to learn at least the law and only then act. And if you are correcting people with unlike you, legal education and practice, not engage in pointless argument. The court don't care what anybody thinks, and who knows the law or not. The law on this one.

Not zadalbyvaet professionals your ignorance, please.