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The border of heaven and hell flexible, but always go through us

Zadolba!whether 25.06.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I got the eye of the story "parent family is normal?", and very much wanted to speak.

I grew up in an intact family. Happy, that is, according to the author of the story. Filled with benefits and all that. Well, I will not argue — it is good. Up to a certain time.

for Example, until I began to notice that dad rarely comes home. Very rare. Lost at work and a bunch of side jobs to feed his family, consisting of himself, disabled mother and me. And when it comes to work — almost growls and bites, because I was tired. Weekend? Dad runs away or part time, or go run, or go to the computer forever and not say a word. Occasionally get to watch a movie — that's all communication.

you call This a happy family?

Or to the time when I began to notice that mom and dad are fighting. Not shouting, no. Mom knew how to keep quiet that the atmosphere in the house was the most tense. And silent she could for several days.

I have since just can't stand when people are silent in response to me in messages or in a live conversation. Once you start to think that you hate me. You call the happiness of a complete family?

Or to the time when I began to notice dad some Valentine's day cards, small gifts, clearly not a gift from his mother or me. Mom periodically and noticed a strange correspondence with women and the like. Are you also called happiness of a complete family?

My parents got married very strange. First, dad loved mom, and she did not. Then the roles were changed: mom fell, and dad fell out of love. They agreed to stay together until until I grow up. Keep the child a complete family. During this time I managed to learn how people can swear, how can people each other to change, how people can be to each other is indifferent how people can be absent in the family, even nominally in her number.

you call a family?

I got lucky that my parents were intelligent people, not alcoholics and trashy, nothing like that. Have not reached the drinking and outright fights. Had reached only the psychological abuse that I still have a therapist can not understand — so I'm all worried. And honestly, would be better if my parents split up before and I'd grown up with mom, than here so to endure the endless conflicts. Well, not reached the classical infantile thoughts like "it's my fault that my parents fight".

I do this all for nothing. Every family has its own troubles. In this case, a complete family incomplete family — rather formal the extremes than the normal separation. Most importantly, the family was loving, that was between family members contact, then do it. And so, in full, and not full families, if all there do not care about yourself, children, other relatives, can easily grow marginal, Blackmailers and other radishes, which are so fond of talking on the First channel.

Complete family does not necessarily is a haven and source of happiness. Everywhere has their problems. Don't forget that.