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Duplication — the key to reliability

Zadolba!whether 25.06.2019 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear author crying, "I would like a wolf gnawing...", Your zadolbalo is not about what is written in companion with "the Third Street Builders". That's effin ridiculous verbose names of the different offices. How do you "MAOUDOD" — municipal Autonomous educational institution of additional education of children? Agree with that — utter nonsense.

And your story is a little different story. Why duplicate when there seems to be enough time? The reason is simple — errare humanum est. All wrong. The number in the passport number is not such to write — it happens to everyone. And number of the institution where it was issued, together with the date of birth, provide the ability to track at least the fact of error. Unfortunately, they are not testing everything, so from time to time and hang up on other people's namesakes fines and other sins.

With the banks the same. To the wrong account number and everyone can. Then the rest seems unnecessary numbers due to the redundancy will reveal an error. Fix can not, but at least do not miss "operation in is not there." Yes, the system is cumbersome, and the same could be achieved by less number of redundant fields. But don't forget, it was created in the last century when everything was written on forms by hand, and errors were much more than now when you work online. By the way, all decent client-banks have long filled the "extra" field for the minimum required data.

And finally, the funny thing is, about a single database. The question here is not the technology, although, in principle, all could earn was 20 years ago. Only in the people. The paranoid are afraid that they will know EVERYTHING. That now anyone should know they don't care. Those "who need" tax, police, banks, communications and a lot of smaller firms — teeth hold a piece of information and just so anyone don't give. Even if I get top ukazivka, and such has repeatedly tried to do, find a way to probationary.

In General, "while such people in the Soviet country is" United base you and threatens...