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We know useless things more than necessary

Zadolba!whether 25.06.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Good day.

Say, lessons are outdated and useless? So I'll tell you more — and other school subjects is a very big issue.

Here, for example, physical education. Half of the class, gets help and released, the other, which to get them failed, having to puff goose-stepping around the room, either, for fear beat yourself crotch, jump through a goat. A special Hello to the teacher, well, if it is adequate people who understand that not everyone can deftly jump and condescending to this specific, but if it's Cerberus, who dreams to command and humiliate?

Why instead of the circus is not a useful rate, for example, about the connection of food and weight? About the dangers of starvation and danger of dieting? For teenagers it is important. Why not talk about the right approach to bodybuilding, this fact will be useful in the future? Here they are, the basics of physical culture, but better, of course, hanging on the rope than to study them.

What's next on the schedule? Yeah, algebra and geometry. No, I agree that the decision of tasks as that develops, but what prevents to make them more applicable in life? I remember the interest calculation and the multiplication table, but not a sine and square root calculation. And the majority of classmates who went to technical colleges, too.

Or the physics — abstract tasks, and therefore difficult for many who are not interested in physics as such. But the practical tasks, for example associated with the device of the car — those were interesting and need a lot of guys. But they are not.

And the same situation and with other school subjects, if not with the majority. I was lucky with the literature and history, were good teachers, able to bring life to their study, but this is a special case, and many of these items turned into the sad status of events and characters.

Well, if after school a person opens other ways of knowing the world and understands that geography is not a boring writing cheat sheets with the longest river and highest mountain, and his is not a tweet with a pencil from the bulldozer. And English, it turns out that it is also communication, and new opportunities, not only the capital of Britain, learned for the exam in the quarter.