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Ivan at home, money no. Manya house, Vani no

Zadolba!whether 25.06.2019 at 11:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Someone comes to a group chat and offers to see. Of course, all immediately, "for". Long time no see, the weather is warm and generally great idea.

Choose the day and starts: Bob can only on weekdays during the day she only on the weekends in the evening, Andrew on even numbers this month and on the odd the next, Kate humble writes that it is the only Friday the 13th, but if she will adjust to the others. So we painfully trying to connect the graphics until the feast day, which is convenient to all.

But now you have to figure out where to go! Oh, the horror. Offer the option of #1. Bob option #2 and #3. Olga says that she doesn't care where to go. Andrew is silent and does not return calls, my wife says she hasn't seen him since last night. Kate writes that the choice of the venue depends on the weather, time and position of the moon in Saturn. Bob changed his mind, now he's got options #4 and #5. Olga says she's lazy to go and actually date busy.

Some find it hard to choose, but agreement does not come. The meeting is one Andrew. Why not warned that it was canceled?! He wrote Mike, he'd be late. Who is Misha? Well, my husband of Veronica. As not familiar with?

Who again offers to meet. And in fact, have not seen and the weather is good.

Zadolbali. Explain to me why with such an abundance of options, and the availability of constant communication with each other, still so hard to gather in number of more than three people?