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They think that they are normal because they all do the same

Zadolba!whether 25.06.2019 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

"the Other side of the coin — the ratio of these introverts to normal people".

I Think I know why the girl on your holiday and went to the kitchen to read the book. Not very fun when you're the introvert among NORMAL people.

I'm also an introvert. And the friends I have, other than my husband, no. At all. No. Of the friends with whom you can have a word — saleswomen from nearby shops.

Society I'm not afraid, I just tiring and annoying. Idle chatter, I love extroverts, like gossip and discussing some household stuff, I prefer work. One. Home. Fortunately, the talent is there, unable to earn bread and butter without these your teams and superiors.

Pity those who can't. Be brave guys! We're with you for them — freaks, outsiders. Extroverts measure people not by their achievements, skills and talent, and the popularity and the number of "friends". Why in quotation marks? Yes, because real friends hundreds not calculated. And you all — friends, but that's often when it comes to support and understanding, you will immediately merge to where you can just talk.

as for me, over the past year my personality has led to several unpleasant situations.

for Example, I didn't get into a volunteer project. The point is, the organizers conducted interviews with willing, as the work with children. Though I am childfree, which by the way, don't advertise, but not against to help the children. So, at the interview, knowing (and this resulted from a couple of survey questions) that I don't really have friends, I began to look at mentally ill and to ask how it is and why I did not do this.

Rostoski is on? I know you get these questions like, "why aren't you losing weight?" Here I also got, strongly hinting which I, unhappy that I can't discuss with someone a reality show or a trendy clothes.

for some reason, my words that I lack of communication with her husband, ignored. Apparently, the idea that a woman can marry, choosing a person of common interests including not available to them.

the Second case was with relatives. Relatives husband moved from afar to the city, not far from us. And we began to visit to drum up. We protested as much as I could, but then we were reproached for the Trinity-that the cemetery could go with them, saying, all relatives gather in their homes, the ones we don't want. Okay, the husband has taken the day off, I own. Go. Started...

All four days we tried to involve some gatherings, travel, communication with people whom we first see that we are not interested. Although we are still in the first day said that we could go to the cemetery, and other days I want to devote to sightseeing.

Even settled in a rented apartment on the other side of town, so they go we descended.

And when we were home, mother-in-law had called and groaned that we are all unsociable.

and the last case. The yoga school has announced a set. I decided that I need to work on my body, stretch marks and all that... Signed up. The lesson lasted an hour. After all remained to tea. It's another hour and a half.

I do. Well, not interesting to me. I do yoga, I am, after all, paying for it. If tea is included in the price — to health drink and mine and I am home.

But in the end? Three weeks later, I noticed that everyone in the group once shunned me, the coach deliberately bypasses and all that.

And no, I didn't stink, not rude, does not violate the etiquette and not late. Ya Just. Not. Wanted. To shoot the breeze. I. Drink. Tea.

Well, who's normal people, and extroverts?