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Nothing has changed, all the same

Zadolba!whether 26.06.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Every year see the same picture that repeats itself with precision to details.

summer Begins, "the hot season", and in various clothing stores appear swimsuit.

In the first week the choice is wide: there are classic bottoms, triangles, and boxers, sizes from small to large.

But if you're in this week no time...

the First bottoms disappear, and especially the small sizes. Either huge size or boxers, and is also rather big. Now they will be all season, until fall, until they are thrown in a big box that says "sale" — but they, too, will lie until the box lost among the Christmas toys.

the same happens with shorts: first, there are all sizes, but the first out of those, which are smaller and shorter, remain longer and bigger. They, too, will lie to late autumn.

the following year, it repeats again.

So tell me, those who is engaged in procurement of goods in the shops: if you have a group of similar goods the first ends in a certain category — this is probably because taking it apart in the first place? You're not hiding it on purpose, right? That is, it is in demand?

So why, if you have the demand for small size, triangular swim trunks and short shorts, you do not purchase them at least twice?

And that sold worse in two times less time they are not willing to dismantle?

Then you will increase sales and decrease the deposits of illiquid but eventually I'll be able to pick out something for the summer.

Or you, as the seller of shop "ekologiniai clothes", trying to create demand through the offer: here you a bags for Hippo — wear and in what does not deny!

So what?

Sucks. Probably again will have to order it on the Internet and in local stores all good again already ended. As usual — there were only large sizes...