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Are the fruit of misery

Zadolba!whether 26.06.2019 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Tired to hear everywhere: "Why produce poverty?" Yes, if you are both out of work, homeless, without prospects and with a beer in hand on the planning stage Chad is not the best idea... But talking about poverty is mainly those who don't know what it's like to raise a child.

Let me explain: for example, those with beer initially, we do not consider, take two young 24-30 years old, a guy and a girl, well, let them, Masha and Sasha, who graduated from UNIVERSITY and even got a job. Young professionals, if you are aware of, are paid peanuts. I have higher education in the profession "teacher of English and Chinese", and with knowledge of French in school were asked to only go by the teacher to detention. Languages, perspectives — what...

But let our future parents were lucky, they pay 30-40 thousand. Housing inherited from parents (gave/exchanged — you take the most favorable option), what's next? And then our Masha and Sasha decide it's time! It's time to go on vacation to Turkey, to see the world... And so a couple of years, but looking at the other countries decide to breed.

Mary goes on maternity leave and gets 40% of the official 30 thousand is 12.000. The amount of good, and the beginning of the decree is uncomplicated — there is money for vests, the stroller bought... a Year and a half passed, and he still brings 30-40 thousand, and Masha are in for a surprise — in hindsight it is fired, or asked to come and write on their own dismissal. No employer wants to support her mother in the decree, and moreover to take her back, she's in my head except the song about a blue tractor nothing!

And then we get the ass, which sooner or later come the young parents of the child a year and a half to kindergarten not give up, most of the garden is focused on three years old and more. What do we do when a child from a half to three? Right, live for 30-40 thousand husband. We have the model family, where the husband — breadwinner and the exponential family man, he loves his child and does not think to leave the family, grandparents are so eager to sit with her grandson and the mother decides to go to work... again Uuuups cant — grandmother are not reliable, they hurt themselves and all "for whom you gave birth?" Mary leaves in tears and sits up to three years with a baby on Sasha 30-40 thousand.

Skip the year and a half the most difficult from the point of view of any parent, that our baby is 3 years old and we sent him to kindergarten. Uuups! Again, hitch: someone needs to take the child out of the school hours in 16-17, and our Mary, not relying on the help of grandmothers, with higher education, goes to work as a cleaner in the kindergarten... Or nurse, if you're lucky, part-time thousand for 8. But then someone from grandmothers on schedule 2/2 will have two days to pick up the child.

But our lucky couple and child in the garden, and Masha at work, but that's still Sasha 30-40 thousand... Why? Because the little from the garden every month brought snot, and asked her again to resign... Masha depressed, her life was over, no options, and you say: "poverty has Nothing to produce! How do you ensure a child such a penny? "

In General, before you say, think again. Zadolbali pundits deciding who, when and how to give birth!

Seeing a decent family with children, smile, encourage and help better, why produce poverty — ask yourself when your child is a year and a half.