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And only the pros between the lines

Zadolba!whether 26.06.2019 at 11:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Oh, how I love attentive readers reviews!

Well, tell me about everything positive in my last business trip.

At the hotel, no one says Hello or respond to your greeting? Give guests to relax.

In the Breakfast hours in the restaurant could not be found staff, and go to work hungry? But brains work better and slimmer you.

the Manager at your treatment of snorts and says, "many of you"? The hotel is popular.

the rooms stinks of chlorine from the swimming pool to the fitness room in the same building? Oh, there are a fitness.

got food Poisoning from their restaurant? Turbo slim Express.

Seriously? So we must, Yes? For the money? Well, you take the shack with abominable service, do buy the fumigators and dispense with paid Breakfast.

And we, we don'T, "Mr. Endorphin", unlike you, will minusovat such huts.