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Running the tool to search case studies on advertising from bloggers

SAPE.RU - Blog 28.06.2019 at 10:50

Company Blog comprehensive promotion Sape. Expert articles on SEO, usability, contextual advertising, advertising from bloggers.

We have long collected and analyzed all of the content generated by YouTube and Instagram bloggers. And not only bloggers that are added in service of the LM.Sape, but in General, all the bloggers of the Russian and CIS market segment. Thus, we know that and as advertised more than 5,000 YouTube channels and more than 5,000 Instagram bloggers.

These data we decided to migrate to a tool that will allow you to find advertising solutions for campaigns, posts and videos of bloggers with advertising content.

the Tool will help Influence marketers find effective bloggers in different niches to create creatives for advertising campaigns and analyze competitors.

Today we announce the launch of this tool. The new page has already appeared the first record. Plans to add thousands of case studies on different topics and categories. Will also begin to display the number of clicks on the links, where possible, to make it easier to predict the ROI of advertising campaigns.

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