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#dangerprone: how to get a tax deduction for the mortgage on the property themes of the day 27.06.2019 at 03:05

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Apartments for sale in a mortgage gives you the right on a tax deduction from the value of the property and from the interest on the loan. In the first case it is possible to return 13% of the housing cost but not more than 260 thousand rubles. By paid interest you can get up to 390 thousand rubles. Who is eligible for the deduction, and how to return the taxes are paid?

Who can rely on both a tax deduction?

- You officially are working and paying income tax at 13%. Individual entrepreneurs deduction is not allowed.

- have You bought an apartment in the mortgage in Russia. No matter, bought the apartment from individuals or companies in a new home or old. The deduction can be obtained for the purchase of land and building your own home (most importantly, save all your receipts). When buying a new property eligible for the deduction appears only in the year in which the signed act of acceptance-transfer of the apartment.

- date of receiving a property deduction legislation is not installed. Now you can make a deduction for the apartment purchased, for example, in 2010. But the tax return can be nothing more than over the last three years.

How can I return it?

Property deduction when buying a home each person is given one time subject to limit — 2 million rubles. The limit for deduction for mortgage interest — 3 million rubles. If the apartment is more expensive, and interest on the loan more than 3 million rubles, will receive you not more than 13% of the established limit of 260 thousand and 390 thousand, respectively.

If the apartment was worth less than 2 million rubles and was bought in 2014 or later, the balance deduction can be transferred to other objects until is exhausted the entire limit. If the apartment was acquired before 2014, to transfer the balance of a property deduction it is impossible. But the deduction for interest can only be used for one mortgage loan. If the mortgage to recover at least a ruble of tax from interest on the other mortgage deduction will not give.

the Fact

If part of the apartment paid the parent capital, with this amount not to a property deduction. In this case, the means of the parent capital subtract from the value of the apartment.

don't expect that you will pay from 650 thousand rubles. To return amount you will be in a few years. Each year you will receive exactly as much as was paid to the government as income tax in the previous year. Even if you are entitled to several tax deductions, such as opening investment accounts or tuition, still the state will not refund you more than what you got. It will always be a maximum of 13% of your annual income.

the Fact

As the refund?

To obtain a deduction you need to submit to tax inspection the Declaration under the form 3-NDFL. For each year a separate Declaration. It is necessary to attach all supporting documents (documents of title, mortgage agreement, confirmation of payment, an income statement) and an application for refund of tax with details where to transfer the overpaid amount of tax. From the moment of filing the return to refund money to the account can take up to four months.

There is an alternative. You can get a deduction by the employer. In this case your salary will not be charged a withholding tax within the correct deduction. For this you need to apply first to the tax with the same package of documents (with the exception of the Declaration under the form 3-NDFL) and the statement in the free form of the desire to receive a tax deduction through the employer.

the deduction through the employer a little easier — no need to fill the form 3-NDFL. The option Declaration suitable for personal income tax return for the previous periods or in the absence of an employment contract. Apply for a tax deduction is possible in an electronic form on the website through the "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer for individuals".

How spouses divide the deduction?

If the apartment is acquired during the marriage, in the absence of the marriage contract, it is considered joint property. In this case, both spouses have the right to a property deduction, but also within the limit (2 million rubles for each) and actual expenditures for the purchase of housing. Husband and wife must share this deduction: you can equally but not necessarily. If the apartment is worth 3 million rubles, the husband, for example, can receive 2 million roubles the tax deduction and the wife 1 million Then the balance of available property deduction (1 million rubles) wife can later on use on another property. More profitable to allocate the deduction to the maximum in favor of the spouse who receives a large salary. So the family will be able to return due to her deductible amount.

Agreement on the allocation of the deduction to be done in the statement, which is submitted to the tax together with the Declaration for tax refund.