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People are making money: that a new Ambassador of the Bank "Opening" tells about the finances themes of the day 27.06.2019 at 10:40

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Banks in Russia are touting actors, athletes, TV personalities and ever — rappers. "FC Opening" first decided on such a step, choosing as Ambassador Basta. understood, care whether a musician financial topics.

Marketing campaign "FC Opening" will be launched in July, said the head of marketing and communications credit institutions Yevgeny Sidorov. The face of the brand for the next two years will be the rapper Basta (Vasily Vakulenko). The contractor is the best suited to promote the "new state Bank", which wants to become "Discovery", say the representatives of the organization.

Basta admitted to a promotional contract, was not a client "Open", but now ready to get a credit card with kasbekar and move to settlement and cash service to the Bank some of their company. "I have met with some Bank employees, now engaged in the study of the structure of his work. I hope that our cooperation will lead to interesting results," he said.

According to the rapper, to advertise a financial institution, not more risky to his reputation than the other Russian business.

"Any interaction with the Finance is always some risks, some anxiety, experiences. I cherish the people's trust. Anyway, I interacted with state banks, making mortgage loans, I understand what it is. I'm not a naive person, which is far from all this. Close to me a new concept of Bank "Opening" and the projects, some of which is spoken in the video," — said Basta. By the way, in his tracks, the rapper, is indeed repeatedly touched on financial topics.

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