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The theory of motivation Maslow.

Orlan 25.06.2019 at 03:06


Need to know the head to motivate their employees? For the development and implementation of any incentive scheme needs to be understanding of people's needs. In fact, the management, realizing the essential nature of human needs, should look for the unmet needs of individuals and to initiate the motivational process.

the Most known theory of motivation was proposed by Abraham Maslow, a clinical psychologist from the United States. He suggested that every person has a complex set of exceptionally strong needs and the behaviour of a person at some point of his life is determined by his strongest need. Maslow identified 5 types of human needs:

Physiological needs: food, shelter, clothing, water, air, sleep, etc.

safety Needs: economic, physical, living environment.

Social needs: social relationships, communication, joint activity.

self-Esteem: respect or recognition from others, career development.

self-actualization: self-expression, identity.

as basic needs, a person strives to meet the needs of a higher level. For example, if a person does not feel safe at work, motivate his or her growth difficult. Therefore, if basic needs are not being met, efforts to meet higher needs will be postponed.

1. Physiological needs

the Physiological needs include the needs for food, drink, clothing, housing, recreation and other similar requirements. These needs are also called basic needs; as these needs are common to all people. Again, these requirements are also referred to as needs for survival; because these needs are necessary for survival or existence of any person.

2. Security

security Requirements can be divided into three types as shown in the following diagram:

the Need for economic security:

Man wants economic security, that is, confidence in meeting their basic needs on an ongoing basis. Thus, this need are just an extension of basic needs.

the Need for physical security

This need include protection from fire, accidents (including accidents at work), and other physical hazards.

the Need for social protection:

this includes the need for security or protection in old age, upon the occurrence of a serious illness or loss of capacity for work.

3. Social needs

Since man is a social animal, and it is still Aristotle said, then he needs to "love" and "to be loved".And so social needs are important for all those who live and work in the company of others. These needs include a sense of belonging to a group, acceptance by the group, team, etc.

4. Self-esteem

This need is associated with such phenomena as self esteem, confidence, status, recognition, approval, evaluation by others, etc. the Satisfaction of these needs is a sense of confidence. Therefore, workers should be assessed for the good work, because it means recognition of their work and boosts their self-esteem.

5. Self-realization

Some people (not all) have a desire to grow. They have a need in self-development, self-realization, self-perfection, striving to become better, the desire to take on increased responsibilities, etc. Not everyone has this need, but it is important to understand that if the employee wants to develop, he will experience anxiety until they satisfy this need.

In the theory of Maslow's hierarchy of needs there are four basic ideas:

Man is a social animal, and he will always want more. And while it has different needs.

There is a hierarchy of these needs, i.e. those needs are arranged in a hierarchical sequence. When satisfied the need for low-level, it is the need of a higher level. A person with a full stomach, there are other needs.

a Satisfied need cannot act as a motivator. Only those needs that are not yet satisfied act as motivators that affect human behavior.

the Physiological needs and the needs of the security end, but the higher-level needs are endless and can be motivators.

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