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Film festival "Eurasia": meeting with members of jury of the basic competition The article 30.06.2019 at 10:42

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The Chief editor of "Real movie" suddenly was the only representative of the Russian kinokriticheskih thoughts held in Kazakhstan at the XV International film festival "Eurasia", but because next week there are regular reports of the fabulous Noor Sultan.

let's Start without delay – with a report on the meeting with the members of the jury of the main competition.

Heads the judicial Commission, the chief of the competition "Eurasia" is Hungarian film Director Tamas the One known to the Russian audience first thing on the film "Children of iron gods", put the script Peter Lucica and Alexei Samoryadov. Telling in a few words about himself, he also noted that working in the field of cinema since childhood and in 70-ies was the founder of the Children's Studio of animated film in Budapest.

after Studying at VGIK (parents worked in Moscow, diplomats), He finished it in 1990-m to year, once in the number of recent graduates of the Soviet Union. "We were very lucky", says Tamas, noting that in a bygone era there was still the element which it lacks today – a dialogue between creative people. "Our world is increasingly superficial," whereas the inherent conservatism of the Director allows him to stay "in search of depth and more philosophical approach to art".

the Director is Tamas The Chairman of the jury of the main competition of the festival "Eurasia"

"I'm so conservative that it is considered to be avant-garde" - not without irony, said the President of the jury, admitting that his views on movie in many respects coincide with those of the festival President Yermek Tursunov and assuming that maybe it was the fact that he was invited to Kazakhstan. But there's another reason: because Tamas He studied at VGIK, along with the legendary "Kazakh workshop" by Sergei Solovyov, from which fluttered by such masters as Serik Aprymov, Rashid Nugmanov, Abay Karpykov and Talgat Temenov, which is now included in the composition of the jury that is headed by his Hungarian counterpart.

"that's Why "Eurasia" as I came home," He says, promising "to help friends in Kazakhstan more to advertise the festival in every way to spread information about it". Not averse Director here and his new film – but this idea still needs to be relevant negotiations.

the Director is Tamas and the film editor Herve Sneyd, Chairman and member of the jury for the main competition of the festival "Eurasia"

in Addition to Temenova, the company Tamas Toth are representative of the Chinese film industry Liu Also, Russian actor Kirill Grebenshchikov (who failed to arrive at Nur Sultan by the time the meeting with journalists) and Frenchman Herve Sneyd. The latter you hardly know by name, but in the meantime his works are loved and adored by millions: he edited "Europe", "Amelie", "the Long engagement" and "Enemy of the state №1" - up to "the Emperor of Paris" coming soon in the Russian hire under the modified title of "Vidocq: the Ghost Hunter". The cult is now "Delicacies" brought him "Cesar", and also on account of his - associated with our country hit, "East-West" and it really is ours, and took all prizes "War Anna".

As he says hervé, he is "very happy person", because when the film gets the audience a good reception, it gives him the opportunity to travel with the painting by the same festivals, discovering the world and acquiring new acquaintances. No less delighted he that friendly with great Directors level Jean-Pierre Jeunet ("He is not a stranger in my life"), who also, as a rule, "wonderful, wonderful, wonderful people (with a few exceptions)".

film editor Herve Sneyd, member of the jury for the main competition of the festival "Eurasia"

when Asked about his profession, the celebrated film editor said: "This is not just a technical and emotional work, which depends on cooperation with the Director of the film. This immersion in the brainchild of Director, in the way he sees his picture. The task of the editor is to make the final product on the same emotional level, to reach people with design Director thoughts and emotions". And the main qualities of this intricate craft must be patience, curiosity and, of course, the desire to serve someone else's purpose.

Promising to watch the competition "with an open heart and unbiased opinion", Sneyd says that he prefers to judge the movie with a clean slate, without having in advance any stereotyped presentation of it, "just watch it, plunging into it". Colleagues with him, of course, in solidarity, and because it is possible to assume in advance that these days all of them will not be easy: in the competition "Eurasia" competing hits of the Cannes, Berlin and Moscow film festivals: "Parasites" and "Tall", "the Golden glove" and "God exists and his name is Petronia", "above me the sun doesn't set" and "personal growth Training".

"Eurasia-2019": members of the jury of the main competition film editor Herve Sneyd, film critic Liu, the Director of The Tamas and program Director Eleonora Granata and festival President Yermek Tursunov

Anticipating the natural question, program Director, film festival Eleonora Granata says the only rule of "Eurasia" – presentation of the regions of Europe and Asia, the rest of "the films were chosen in a very loose criteria" and in the absence of any censorship. "I hope that this selection of films gives a very wide range of feelings and analysis," concludes Eleanor, expressing the hope that the cash prize which will go to the winner, will only be "a nice addition" to the overall impression of the festival.