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Samsung Galaxy Note10 we get the camera Lens DepthVision fresh news all the sections together 03.07.2019 at 05:31 ( — specialized Russian information-analytical server, covering the hardware of personal computers, communications and servers, 3D graphics and audio, digital photo and video, Hi-Fi equipment and projectors, mobile phones and peripherals, gaming applications and more.

Samsung preparing to release smartphone series, Galaxy Note10, therefore, according to the sources, the company has registered a trademark DepthVision Lens for the same technology.

In the description of the class trademarks are smartphones, three-dimensional scanning and software for cameras smartphones. It is therefore safe to say that the brand really connected with the cameras.

it is Expected that the technology DepthVision Lens will be first implemented in smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Sources suggest that it is associated with three-dimensional scanning, to be used with time-of-flight sensor (ToF).

the Previous rumors pointed to the fact that the older model can be equipped with two cameras ToF. In addition, the company recently registered a trademark Make & Play 3D, a name which resembles the functionality, which is the flagship smartphone of Huawei. We are talking about the possibility to scan a toy or object, and then animate it in augmented reality.

the Presentation of Samsung Galaxy Note10 is expected on 7 August.