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"A complete disappointment in the LADA Vesta SW": What is so wrong with Patriotic wagon – blogger

MComp 04.07.2019 at 06:32

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Compared to the standard "message", its SW version is worse almost on all parameters.

this convinced obzorschik with YouYube channel devoted to the selection of cars in Sochi. The blogger took the LADA Vesta sedan and wagon, and then compared them to the most basic criteria. The appearance of both "West" according to the expert, quite pleasant and memorable in the stream, Vesta SW even won thanks to the streamlined forms and, as a consequence, improved aerodynamics.

Despite the fact that the dimensions of both vehicles match almost to the millimeter, except that the LADA Vesta SW will be higher at 1.5 cm, the driver is less nice to sit in the standard "West" all through more than a slant roof in the wagon, which in theory makes the car more comfortable.

However, in all other respects, according to the driver, the LADA Vesta SW worse than their rivals, and this is manifested, primarily, in the Luggage compartment of the car. "For me it was a huge surprise. I opened the trunk of the station wagon and hoped to see something different in scope and layout than in a standard sedan, but was waiting for me there only be disappointed!", – complains the author of the video.

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the Luggage compartment of both cars are completely equal, the only difference is that LADA Vesta SW cover open otherwise, whereby the arrangement is somewhat modified, and the transport of bulky cargo, in theory, it should be much better than the usual LADA Vesta. However, this is where the driver expected the greatest surprise.

"If the usual, standard sedan shows that the trunk is really large enough, in the wagon with this all worse. Of course, not too strong differences between the two versions, but LADA Vesta with the prefix SW somehow expecting something more. Complete disappointment", – the blogger summarized.

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