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Summer campaign "3+1!"

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 01.07.2019 at 18:18

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

In July, we decided to make you a very popular campaign "3 + 1!". It will operate the whole month until the 31st.

the Basic idea of this action is that for the purchase of all THREE animatorov you get ONE as a gift!

Great, right?


►Attention! In the case of using the action "3 + 1!" are not taken into account any additional discounts (a bonus birthday, festive, special discounts "GM of the month", discounts for privileged groups of population, etc.).

takes into account only:

discounts for full club members, commissions, partners of our online shop

Action "3+1!" may use everything:

full members of the Club KIT, the Partners of the store Guests of the club. What do you mean ""3 + 1"?

it's very simple: for the THREE acquired unimodular Lab Infotech, You get another EM as a GIFT!

it is Sufficient to solve the problem in two steps and it becomes clear that this is a super profitable campaign. Especially for those who want to buy at least 3 modulators. By the way, nobody forbids you to cooperate (a hint, how we "cheat").

the Example of the Breeze-7 for action "3+1"

3 pieces x 10080,0 RUB. (total cost) = 30240,0 RUB

30240,0 R. / 4 PCs = 7560,0 RUB

Difference = 2520,0 R.

!!! And for D. members and partners of the store is still accounted for and their personal discount, that is, the final cost will be even less.

So, for example, from a full member club is a level 1 discount of Briz-7 is 1344,0 of the ruble. My partner's store 10%, which is equal to 1008,0 rubles. Here and count how many this month you will cost of Briz-7.

What you can get in as a fourth unimodular, and in some cases, see below.

Option No. 1.

purchase 3 modulators type:

any individual (except a Breeze With Fairy, Phoenix), wall Nymph/Tigris or desktop Spring You receive one of these modulators to choose from.

Option # 2.

For the purchase of 2 modulators of the type:

case-by-breeze-With, reading Unicorn or Jaguar

and ONE of the listed in option # 1

You receive a gift from any of these modulators to choose from. . Option # 3.

For the purchase of 2 unimodular type:

Fairy, or a Phoenix, and one

listed in options 1 or 2,

You receive one of these modulators

to choose from.

Option # 4.

For the purchase of 2 unimodular type:

Fairy, or a Phoenix, and one of the above

in options 1 or 2 (that is, any of your choice),

You receive one of these modulators.

Option # 5.

For the purchase of 3 desktop unimodular Briz-7

You receive one breeze-7!!!

or any other choice (except Owls and Sails)

Option # 6.

For the purchase of 3 unimodular, of which two - EM Owl or a Sail, and third to any other,

You receive a gift or an Owl, or a Sail.

(or ANY other choice).

Option # 7.

purchase 3 modulators Octopus

You get another Octopus as a gift.

All your wishes on the composition of the set "3+1" are discussed in each case separately. And we will come to a consensus. :)

Quote: we Remind you that discounts are Valid club members and Partners with an online store in THIS action involving.

to Become a partner of the store at this link >>

If you have something does not work, have a look here - How to become a partner store >>

don't forget to tell about our actions to their friends. Give them the opportunity to change their lives for the better.

the Promotion is valid until July 31,

Base price (without scidac) on unimodular Lab Infotech.

If You have questions, please call the office

(495) 502-5944, +7 (916) 650-93-49

you can Call from 12 noon.

the work of the club in the summer >>

you can place your ORDER >>

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