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— You didn't tell him?

— what could I say?! – clasped hands of Tatiana, sincerely indignant. – Like I know something about your stupid quest!

— Why stupid? – Sergey, not less sincerely surprised.

— Because we're never going to find a new it Director! Tatiana, as usual, began to redden with indignation. You got promotion and softened all the candidates!

— And this is why you care?

— I personnel Director, that's why!

— Wait... I got it! – Sergei smiled like a child. – You have the prize lit, right? Similarly, soon after the end of the year, the KPI will be considered, and you have one of the key positions is vacant – CIO.

Tatiana, obviously feeling a mixture of at least two of the senses, perform some calming exercise – deep breath, hold your air in your lungs for a few seconds, but felt that the lack of air started to blush even more, exhaled. Sergey as I could, drove the smile from his face, watching the breathing exercises.

— Sergei... — the beginnings was Tatiana.

Okay, will you CIO. – seriously said Sergey. – Decent candidate?

— Yes. in Tatiana's voice sounded notes of hope. Here, I summary brought! Read more →