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Unique new technology for wastewater treatment USC a capacity exceeding 5 m3 / day

The Company "House Ecology" is a cohesive team of professionals. The friendliness and convenience of Your home is our top priority!

Turning to us, You will be able to obtain any decision on the arrangement of treatment system on your lot and all can forget about problems with sewage. For many years, we plan to apply our unique development, design and manufacture equipment for the purification of waste water of any complexity!

the Pride is a team of experienced engineers, graduates of KNUBA (KISR) in the Department "water and sanitation".

the Company arranged according to the latest latest technique in it uses the best German technology, including its own design which all have patents and high-quality components from leading manufacturers.

the performance of the system “OSK” is approximately 2000 cubic meters per day.

The water enters into the well with the Department to screen out overall waste, there comes the 1st phase of the cleanup from paper, polyethylene, etc. Then predecesora water is delivered to the averager-preaerator, where it begins its aeration with the destruction of organic contaminants.

Next, the treated wastewater enters the aeration compartment (SBR-reactor), where microorganisms until the end of the cleaning water. Then the untreated water flows through the junction pit drainage and excess microorganisms are returned back into the well for the accumulation and stabilization. Blower, valve, and control panel are independent airtight structure or premises.

the Complexes of the system USC-equipped accessories of the leading brands it provides guaranteed quality and reliable performance.

the Advantages of the latest technology "OSK":

the permanent and highest level of water purification; fully automation of all processes, the minimum number of staff; absence of noise and odors; the customer chooses what material will be manufactured by the shell station; the ability to adjust the flow rate of the waste water in the purification of 20%; unique technologies allow the individual to design the entire complex with taking into account all wishes of the customer; the whole system is quite simple and can be applied in reconstruction of already made the sump areas or storage containers; also it gives the possibility of secondary use of water which has been purified for technological purposes due to the high degree of purification; the possibility of using surplus remaining sludge for fertilizer; building Parking lots and on carriageways;