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What is copywriting and rewriting how to learn

Real earnings in the Internet 06.07.2019 at 18:28

Our life

Nowadays, In the Internet you can find everything from purchasing clothes to the acquisition of drawing skills. At a deeper study of the world wide web you can even find the earnings, which later result in substantive work. Lately we often hear the terminology: rewriting and copyright. What is copywriting and rewriting how to learn? Is lyric writing . And how to learn? This will require a laptop, knowledge of the language and themes about which to write or to translate the text. But all about it in the article.

to suit

Vacancy copywriter at home for those who have free time, desire to work: students, mothers with young children, students.

to Start with opinions, comments, small text.

What is rewriting

Rewriting is a rewriting of the text, in other words preserving the main ideas. But not just need to reprint text, even to fulfill a number of conditions: insert key words to increase the uniqueness of the text, to expand or reduce the volume.

what is needed, asks the reader? There are topics that are not disclosed or the information is not given in full. Therefore, it is necessary to collect or submit in a different manner.

Rewriting is of several types:

Surface: in the text, replaced some of the words, rearranged sentences, extended paragraphs. Deep: then have to work. The whole text will have to change, adding facts, figures, thoughts on the subject. Better to use at least two sources. SEO: add keywords, subheadings, reducing the percentage of unnecessary words. Copywriting – what it is

This is the writing of unique texts based on their own experience. A theme of the text is printed from scratch. The text must meet certain requirements, which the bar higher than in the rewriting.

Copywriting is divided into:

Create image-write the text in such a way that formed a definite opinion. Calls to action: the name speaks for itself – the meaning of the article encourages the reader to make any movement. Advertising form: apply psychological tricks to attract customers. Information form: designed to answer specific questions from different angles. SEO: it is written with certain requirements to advance a particular issue or product. Techniques Print from memory. First study the information and then shifted from memory to the page Vorovskogo document. Replacement of synonymous or separate words. Paraphrasing. Replacing or moving paragraphs. A mixture of text parts. For deep opening theme always uses multiple sources. The use of a specific writing style. Cleanup of unnecessary words, phrases. What copywriting is different from rewriting

Copyright by rewriting with the following differences:

Complexity. With a clean slate to write is harder than to redo the text. Use pieces from other sources. Usually this happens in the rewriting. Claims. More of them there in the copywriting. Importance. Copyright is more important than a rewrite. Personality. Rewrite for originality is inferior to copyright.

Want to learn how to write articles that will buy today? Excellent free video tutorials, the first results will have while training.

the qualities of a copywriter

the Primary as a copywriter is the ability to write texts on a certain topic. Beginners mostly sell my work on writing text with a certain number of characters. The level of the freelancer is measured by the quality of how interesting and read his articles.

the Beginner it is sometimes hard to rewrite the text in other words, to cope with those mistakes that shows the site inspection. And you can't always tell that person something in this field.

of Course, over time, having the skills of a particular character, the copywriter will be reviews from customers, and an impressive portfolio. Then you can offer articles for other fees. Well, if familiarity with the profession occurred recently, is the large amount of articles should not count. But will need the speed of writing and educated articles.

the Author from the exchange will need the following qualities:

the Ability to quickly switch from one topic to another; print Speed; Breadth of vision; How much does a copywriter

it is Important to set the price to be competitive. When the price is high you can go without orders, lower work for free.

Before you set the price, you need to analyze the prices, exposing the middle. Of course, given their capabilities.

In the end, without losing interest in the case, and to at least earn something to write on the day you need at least ten thousand characters. Then the initial-earned capital will amount to about three hundred dollars a month. The newcomer to such a text the volume will go up to five hours, and earnings will be at first much lower.

at this stage you should evaluate your abilities with your opportunities, to understand – whether to move further on this path. But always persistent and hardworking will succeed.

Where to find a job

a Platform where you can earn money with your writing talent – exchange copywriting and rewriting. It is on the stock exchange you can place your selling texts, to take orders.

the Advantages of such a platform is obvious: with secure transactions the contractor will receive their money. But there are drawbacks – low pay.

the Best exchanges in this area are: Orders here a lot. Take any job is quite simple. But for beginners, the pay is the lowest of all available sites. Orders can be costly to obtain due to the high rating, which is earned media. You can also improve skills by completing an assignment from the editors. On the site you can post your work: at a high ranking, they will cost more. Test tasks there, and registration is free. The rating is calculated here by students and academics. Get the title of the last snap. The rating could rise even visit the site. Every day there is a quiz in which the prize can increase scores. For copywriters with rewriters points are not cumulative and they are in different sections. Plus the exchange's own uniqueness check. Jobs can be taken without the approval of the customer. For the novice copywriter rates are higher than all. You can register without charge, but access to work is testing: you have to answer questions, to write the text. This exam can be taken more than once. A higher level of earnings. But to take the job after the passage of some stages: registration, testing, essay. As a result, the applicant is assigned a rank, the corresponding payment. With performers takes a 20% Commission, the money can be withdrawn only on the first day of the week. The exchange is famous for its positive reviews from customers, performers. Below twenty rubles per thousand sign orders are placed. Over time, a Pro can get in order to two hundred rubles per thousand characters. The type of other platforms are also being tested. Career growth is, which depends on the activity of the beginner. Orders this resource is not, the registered user writes on any subject. The cost for the work is growing along with the qualification.

these are the basic sites with a large number of users. As can be seen from the description, there are plenty to choose – it would wish.

How to learn copywriting courses

to Get the profession does not present any difficulty. On the Internet choice is great, and it can be done for free and for money. Here are some of the courses that you should pay attention:

School Yulia Wolfhound. Has your positive feedback. Almost free you can get the basic knowledge. Foundations of Netology. Online school will teach the basics of literary art will help to find customers. Learning from Vasily Blinov. The basis of the program here is the techniques of copywriting basics of the Russian language. The web course of Sergei Troubadour is designed for the analysis of news articles, instructions, SEO copywriting services. Master – class copywriter and marketer. Getproff school provides free online classes so that users decided on the necessity of the profession.

to Seek training in a particular city does not make sense: everything is now online.

after Reading this article, everyone will make conclusions for yourself:

Become a copywriter or not; the Writing will remain part-time will be the main profession; Will take small orders or such form of earnings will be the main work.

please be sure to read the article "Earnings on etxt for beginners".

The article will be useful for those who want to make money writing and selling articles through the Internet. Will review the stock exchange of copywriters etkht. Why beginners should start on this exchange? Tell the advantages and disadvantages of exchange content etxt.

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