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What person is in love? Look at his fingers :.: Article 02.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Learn what person is in love with to the fortune at hand. This does not have to be a great scholar of palmistry and to understand the complex interweaving of lines on the palm. One need only look at your fingers to find out how people behave in romantic relationships. Special attention in this kind of divination by hand should be paid to the length of the little finger and ring finger. We are interested in the ratio of these indicators. Watch should be turning to yourself the palm of his left hand. Considered how much less the little finger the ring finger? If so, it remains only to learn how to interpret the results: Photo: Depositphotos If the little finger height reaches the upper phalanx of the finger, called the nameless, ending at the level of the fold line, a person can be called a genius of communication with members of the opposite sex. He is extremely attractive, attractive and charming in the eyes of others. Is constantly in the spotlight. Has a lot of fans. Light character and sociability complement the overall picture. Such a man is worth nothing to win the love of the object of your sympathy. This task not difficult. He was accustomed to charm, effortlessly. The man with the little finger does not doubt in their abilities, accustomed to speak boldly about his feelings. He is sure that they are not rejected! To resist his natural magnetism and charm is really impossible. If the little finger reaches to the middle of the upper phalanx of the ring finger, being above the fold line — you know, elect such a person is extremely lucky! Photo: Depositphotos He is faithful, patient, tactful, reliable. The best partner for a relationship not find! In addition it features the ability to please people. Surrounding find a person with a long little finger very sweet, charming, friendly and sincere. People are drawn to it. It may be cause for jealousy from the other half. He knows how to arouse a partner in love passion Union. The first impression this person makes on members of the opposite sex when Dating, so positive that her sincerity begin to doubt. And no wonder! People with long little finger of the fabulously sweet, kind and charming. Others it may concern, impeding the initial step in the relationship. Soon, however, the distrust of choice is. It is enough to ensure that the first impression is not deceived him. If the little finger does not reach the upper phalanx of the fourth finger being below the fold line, a man distinguished by increased demands in relation to their chosen one. He is very demanding of the candidate companion in life, suitable choices very seriously. To meet the high demands of such a person difficult. This task can handle not everyone. Photo: Depositphotos People with short finger are distinguished by selfishness. They expect that everything should happen the way they want them to. Waiting to see what choice they will be around to please, to give. Such individuals tend in advance to give people certain traits and expect them to "right" action. This often leads to disappointment because expectations are frequently not met. These people know what they want from life. They tend not to waste your time on trifles and to agree to options that are not relevant to their needs. To build a relationship with anyone just not to be alone, not their style. Ready to wait for "his" people as needed. Around find owners short little finger is difficult, difficult, difficult. Their character really hard for someone to get along with. The ambiguity of such individuals may confuse and even scare them. And this despite the fact that they have attractive appearance and are not devoid of charm. Photo: Depositphotos Along with mystery, inherent in them, the attractiveness of working for them. They know how to turn the head of his elect, if they want it! If he didn't run away after the first date, so entangled in their networks. How to develop loving relationships in the future, depends entirely on the holder of a short little finger. During the first date, take time to look at the fingers of his counterparts. They will help with the determination of the character and tell about his master a lot. You will get an idea of what to expect from this person in the relationship. ...

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