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What to do in Paradise? "Peace River" Philip Farmer. Part 1 :.: Article 03.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Can the Newton to communicate with scientists of the XXI century? Or even more interesting: what kind of conversation could take place between ordinary people, but from different eras and places? Impossible? Welcome to "Peace River" science fiction writer Philip farmer. "Peace River" — another major intention of the writer, the idea of which is shocking. What is Earth 2.0? Just imagine that all people after death can be collected in one place. It's not heaven, hell or something else, some traditional religions of the world. The intention of the writer in such a place would be unknown planet, where people will get a second chance to start over. But not everything is so simple, and we'll talk about that next. "A simple idea" science fiction has given rise to many questions and complex plot. From the main thing — why and who started or could start the project, to the more practical — as people from different cultures, eras and faiths will live there? So the cycle of "the World River", originally planned as a trilogy, rose to five novels. Here are the various "tributaries": the novels and stories of Philip farmer, as well as works of other writers that joined the cycle at a later date. We have already met with one cycle of the writer "Layered world". Some sketches in the style of the writer was also done. Philip Farmerto: the series "World of Rivers" has a complex history of creation, which is associated with a difficult literary career farmer. On the wave of success from the prestigious Hugo award (1953, novel "Loving" "Best new author") Philip goes to professional writers. For the publication of the novel "the World River" (an early version of the first novel of the cycle) he takes part in the competition of the publisher and even won the first prize of $ 4,000. But because of the bankruptcy of the publishing house receives no publications, no money. As a result, Philip had 14 years to go in for technical writers (from 1956 to 1970), and literature doing in your spare time. In the end, the attempt to become a professional writer has failed. But thanks to "scrapes" and a unique literary project "Peace River". What is Peace River? The cover of the book "Peace river" wild imagination of the farmer has created an unusual world. And he is clearly of artificial origin. Everything is so devised that, on the one hand, to create tolerable conditions "newly risen", and with another — not to give them easy to change anything in the current experiment. All people, billions of them, moving along the almost endless river. She many times "wound" on the planet, stretching millions of kilometers. The river is surrounded by impregnable mountains. The climate is comfortable enough to stay all year round (in most places). Originally solved the problem of supply. All the people are supplied several times a day a modest set of food. This is done using a special, individual devices (Grails) that interact with the system of energy conversion (graystone). This whole "social minimum" ends. Everything else people have to produce themselves. Despite the fact that no additional tools they have open deposits of minerals and no. But you can hunt the animals of the river, to invent something improvised. The main "trump card", which will take advantage of the most active people — experience of life (and among the "resurrected" there are people of different professions — from engineers and doctors to scientists, including a genius). A collection of books with the novels of Philip of Farmerette: Most interesting is that people actually have eternal life. In this world you cannot die again — in the case of death you will be resurrected again in some place of Peace River. At the same time for normal life in the "Paradise" still has to fight. ...Farmer, too, had to fight for the right to be a science fiction writer. He will get a second Hugo award (1967, novel "the Passengers with a purple card", "best story"). And then the third Hugo award (1972, novel "Rise from the ashes" — an updated version of "losing work", "best novel"). This time the Farmer is completely gone in literary works, a novel open cycle "World River". From 1970 to 1980, was published 25 works of this foreign writer. What will people do? Normal people will just live once furnished his household, adapting to new natural and social reality. After a while in the World of the River will occur the first micro-States with different socio-economic lifestyles. Then they will start to fight each other and sometimes collaborate. All will repeat in General terms of the earth's history. Photo: But amid the predictable course of local history there are individuals who will be not only to sit "idly by". They want to explore such an unusual world to eventually unravel its mysteries that abound: who created it, why, where now are its founders and what are their plans? Of course, it will be primarily well-known personalities, pioneers, scientists, just rebels of his time. But we'll talk about that next time. To be continued......

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