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How to place icons in a modern apartment? :.: Article 03.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Many people wonder how in a modern apartment you should place the icons. The believer understands that the way of the Lord, of the blessed virgin Mary and saints — the best protection from all evil for the household. How to avoid the mistake of choosing a place to put the Shrine? How to do it right? In fact, the power of the icon, as a powerful Christian talisman for the home, can influence its location. Of course, the owners ought to know in which room or part of apartment they would like to hang the Holy image. However, you must realize that not every item can be in close proximity to the Shrine. All these nuances should be taken into account, because, being surrounded by unsuitable furnishings and belongings, the image loses its miraculous power. A well-chosen location for the icon will allow us to show its power, to operate at full capacity, which will protect you and your household from all evil. The icons feature in the Eastern part of domfoto: Depositphotos Since ancient times, our ancestors took for icons in the home a special place called "red corner". It was in the corner in the Eastern part of the home. It is desirable that he was right in front of the house. In Russia it was decided to entered the house did not forget to cross before the icon, thus displaying his reverence to the Lord God, and after that — and the owners of the house. Today it is not always possible to find in a modern house suitable for a "red corner" place. And the layout is often not designed to install a Cabinet or a shelf directly opposite the entrance. If you do it the old fashioned way and not allow the living conditions, it is best to hang the image on the wall, located on the right side of the entrance. If you have children, then hang up icon, protect your children, appropriate over a child's bed. Let this be the image of the virgin. Smolensk icon of Materite: If you prefer to put an icon in the living room, not in the lobby, select a place for it in the sight of all, and don't hide your image from the eyes of family and guests. This will help to ensure your home maximum protection from harm. The ideal place would be a shelf. It is necessary that the faces of the saints can cover the space of the room. Can be purchased in the Church shop special shelf-kiot. In the Central part of the home iconostasis is supposed to put the image of Christ the Savior. Right — virgin. On the left side of the icon dedicated to John the Baptist. Proper placement of images in the iconostasis will give him much strength and divine beauty. To complement the iconostasis can be images of your favorite saints. It should be remembered that they should not stand above the face of Christ. If you post an icon in the kitchen, for example, in the table where dinner, do not forget before each meal to pray and ask God to bless you and your family. Thank Him for the bread on your table. Saved Nerukotvornyi: If you want the icon was near to your work place, then do not put it on the table next to the computer. She's supposed to be on the dais: on the wall or on a shelf. So the image will provide you with the flow of life energy necessary for productive work. It is impossible to post all the image from electric appliances, TV, refrigerator. This is, firstly, inappropriate, and secondly, it weakens the miraculous power of the Christian talisman. It is forbidden to put next to the images of various figurines, Souvenirs, symbols relating to other religions, especially fashionable items of Feng Shui. It is inappropriate to hang the icon of the house next to paintings, posters, posters, celebrity photos. Photo: Depositphotos Desirable to keep the icons in the bookcase, next to the secular literature (romance novels and detectives). Another thing, if you keep it in theology books. Choosing the right place for icons in your house, you will not only care for decency and show others his piety, but also provide your family full protection from above, since the image for the believer, along with a crucifix and prayer is the most effective talisman against misfortune and evil. ...

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