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If rabbits incite lust? The history of the emergence Rebeca :.: Article 03.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Young American actress of Cuban origin Eva Mendes in one of the candid interview, stated: "also, I excite men in suits of rabbits..." And the rabbits, decorative? I have them mixed feelings, but I can say, it's not lust. Somehow morning girl my son Cyril opened his eyes and saw that he stands, smiling, and hands her a box with bright ribbon. She smiled in response and decided to see if he remembers it Cyril, what sort of cake she prefers, Anya. But before she carefully untied the bow, Anya realized that cakes something is wrong. Finally it was assured that when her Breasts jumped a little and a furry gray lump. "Kitty!" — flashed in her head. But the kitten on closer examination turned out to be a rabbit. Cyril was always original in the choice of surprises, especially after quarrels, is so sweet he apologized. The rabbit lived for four months, grew and put on the eyes. Anya and Kirill, not too bothered, I bought the Rabbit a large cage, poured specially bought at a pet store shavings, hay and feed. Water the rabbit drank from special drinkers, tied to the cage as a dropper. Frolic on the outside he had a few: guardians had left early and came late in the evening. If they had the mood, the rabbit had to walk around the apartment, but good manners, no one taught him. Otherwise he would have known that pee is not necessary in the kitchen, and in a special tray, which rabbit took over the corner of the couch, and throw the peas all over the apartment too bad. In addition, he strove to jump up on a high stool and jump on the table, on which stood plates with delicious-smelling food. A couple of times he drove quite nicely, but the science store did not go, and the rabbit learned to fly on the floor like a trained pilot. Nevertheless, the instinct was stronger than remorse, and he persistently tried to grab a piece from the master's table, in a sense, from the bar, which prefer to bite family members. In the hallway he loved to chew shoes of the owner. There were a lot of shoes at least six pairs, but the rabbit liked these, gray, the color of his fur. Judging by the gesture that Kirill pulled the rabbit by the ears and threw him into the cage, he also loved your gray dress shoes, especially their razgryzaniya socks. Since the rabbit is a lot more time in their unloved home, the freely roamed the apartment. But Cyril was released from the ever-demanding his attention and Affairs along with Anna going on a trip. For two whole weeks. I especially did not ask. One evening I called son and said that now they will call, and only for ten minutes. It has always been like snow on the head, I started to figure out how to feed the young, because the number of burgers was planned for two days for my husband. Would have someone to sit this evening on a starvation diet, I thought gleefully, brushing the potatoes. Gleefully because the day before we had an argument, after which you can choose one of two options: a) to pretend that all the way through; b) to inflate and do not feed. To call Kirill I was leaning towards option "a", but here, Willy-nilly had to go to "b". First, in the apartment of Kirill has entered, carrying something enormous size, and for him to blame a smiling Anya. — Our rabbit is going to stay with you for two weeks, categorically said the son. And you have to eat on the train? I could not believe my ears: I was informed that I HAVE in the house for two weeks and will live with a RABBIT! My husband and I did not expect to have animals, first, because often traveled, second — read "first". In addition, not very desirable. At this time the phone rang in the apartment came the husband. He saw the final scene of "the Inspector" and almost dropped the package with your favorite hot pita bread. The rabbit, on which a few minutes everything looked wistfully, experiencing different feelings, too, they felt. The main thing was the stress. In two jumps he was running around the sofa, leaving the entire trajectory of their traces. Anya quickly held out a few packages: — This hay, feed and water. I'll show you how it should hang. — MA, you are preparing us to train or what? — impatiently asked Cyril. I rushed to the kitchen for burgers, my husband, being in a stupor, meekly gave the pita bread. — So off we went, happily said his son and seizing Anna by the arm, dragged him out of the apartment. — Quick, before they could recover. And we miss the train. — What's his name? — shouted to me. — Just A Bunny! — at the bottom shouted Anya. Just Rabbit really experienced culture shock. Strange place, smells, people who stand like statues and do not know what happened to him, a rabbit to do. The first came to me. — The rabbit should be in Hm... ugh, cage. Catch him. Husband tried, but the animal did not give, leaving after each attempt to grab ourselves a cascade of sticky black peas. I understand that to have clean herself resolutely put on rubber gloves and drove the rabbit into the corner. All. Two minutes later he was sitting in a cage and looked at the world a plaintive look, and I rubbed the scratches on his hands with green paint. It was already nine in the evening. — Dinner we have, I said husband. In the morning the food will put you water in a bottle to pour too. I get up late, I was with him half the day to Chica. Googling how to do it. Google said that the mood of rabbit ears pass it. If they are pressed to the head and a little stick forward — it's okay, the rabbit is no problem. If one ear is sticking up, and the second hangs down, so the rabbit is still undecided, he has a problem or not. If the ears stick straight up — the Bunny is clearly something troubling and contentious should be removed. If the rabbit is freely lying on his side, stretching his paws, so he kicks. And if he turned back and lifted her legs toward the ceiling, full high. Simple we buzz in the days that followed saw and filmed on mobile phones, like a lot of fun to Crawl failed — he fattened on the eyes, and when you try to roll back the centre of gravity is not allowed. Mood rabbit passed his usefoo: Natalia Nechaeva, the personal archive But it was then. But this first evening I sat around the cell, encouraging the rabbit to dine with hay and water — he relied a whole bottle on the day. However, he has not yet emerged from a state of stress and still stood in the corner of the cage. Suddenly, I said: — Well, what kind of a name is just a Rabbit? Need to crawl to rename. English rebit, but "t" at the end is poorly pronounced. Let it be cops and robbers. That settled the matter... to be Continued......

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