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What material for dental crowns will last longer? :.: Article 03.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

At some point in life each of us is faced with dental treatment. Dentists often talk about the importance of prevention, regular visits to the dentist every six months, but, nevertheless, people continue to wait until the last one comes to the doctor already at that stage of the disease, when the tooth requires a lot of support, treatment and prosthetics. The prosthesis may be of several types: removable dentures, crowns on their teeth or on implants, dentures to single teeth or bridges. Today let's talk about the installation of dental crowns. Crowns are installed on either your tooth or the implant. In both cases, the preliminary tooth preparation. If the tooth root is saved, and the tooth is damaged, the physician should ensure that all the canals and the tooth is healthy and ready for installation of the prosthesis. If the doctor relies only on your words, not conducting a thorough inspection of the condition of the tooth and is ready to install a crown then run from this dentist! But that doesn't mean to set the prosthesis at a time is impossible. Modern technologies allow to make an impression and crown in 1.5 hours, whereas in regular hospitals it takes a few days. So, with the dental treatment we understand, you now need to choose the material for a crown. Today, the patient chooses from several options: ceramics, Zirconia, metal ceramics. Photo: Depositphotos What crowns are? The most expensive crowns from Zirconia. They are very durable, can be established as the anterior and posterior teeth — any load they are capable of. Visually crowns Zirconia are indistinguishable from natural teeth. A definite plus to install them is the lack of allergens and contraindications. Crown from a solid ceramic cheaper. Look nice, have a translucency characteristic of natural teeth, so apparently invisible. Their disadvantage is lack of strength, so ceramic crowns used on front teeth — incisors and canines — the smile zone. Masticatory load to the ceramic crowns do not stand up. And finally, cheap metal crowns — the inner surface consists of metal, and the outside crown is covered with ceramics. This combination of materials allows you to install ceramic metal crowns in the posterior teeth area. If you choose the metal, pay attention to the structure of the crown and order is fully covered by ceramics metal. In this case, the visible area will have no metal parts and even the displacement of the gums appears a white ceramic surface. The fact is that if you install inexpensive metal-ceramic crowns is accepted practice to reduce the cost of prosthetics and crown covered with ceramics completely. Area which is covered by the gums is generally a metal. On the chewing teeth it is almost not visible — located deep teeth, and gums almost always closes the metal. But prolonged use of the gum may change to thin and the metal is laid bare. In the visible area is always noticeable in the dark edges of the metal at the junction of tooth and gums. It looks messy, which is why many tend to avoid metal crowns. In fact, the problem is solved easily enough. Photo: Depositphotos is the Perfect material for implantation is considered to be Zirconia, but if you have limited finances, choose the option of metal with full coverage of the tooth. But be sure to consult with a dentist who will select the most optimal treatment plan. Take care of your teeth, do not get carried away with the sweets! The material is prepared according to the materials of the clinic, "the Lucky Smile", providing a wide range of dental services and treatment....