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Why buy property in Thailand? :.: Article 04.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The acquisition of real estate abroad is more likely to occur if the family wants to invest money and have a source of income, regardless of the local economy. For this reason, considered buying it for our country. When the fundamental purchase decision is made, the following question arises: which country to choose? On the website a huge number of options and properties, and countries dazzled and it is unclear what are the criteria to make a choice. The main features are two: a Stable political environment and friendly relations with our country.The possibility of year-round profit from real estate. Photo: this criterion is adjudged Thailand. The Kingdom of Thailand traces its history back to 1238, up to this time in Thailand was located prior state since 3000 BC, the Head of state is the king, which is considered a symbol of authority, Buddhism and unity of the country, holds the function of Supreme commander. Form of government in the Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy. Despite internal differences and contradictions, the Kingdom of Thailand has managed to maintain the appearance of independence, never became anyone's colony and enjoys political stability. In Thailand with respect to tourists, always benevolent, because "white people" bring money to the country and prosperity. Thais preach Buddhism, therefore, people are friendly, smiling and helpful, which certainly is an advantage for foreigners. The Russians are frequent guests in Thailand and many locals know the Russian words. The rest of the communication takes place in English, who knows almost every Thai. The country's climate is very favourable all year round warm and you can swim in the sea, so the flow of tourists never stops. Buying a dwelling in Thailand can be guaranteed to obtain rental income year-round. Photo: What to choose? For sale, apartments, townhouses, villas or penthouses. Apartments — analogue of our apartment.Townhouse — part of the house, often several stories high. On some hosts there is a common courtyard, possibly a recreation area, pool.Penthouse — top floor house with rooftop access, which features a pool and recreation area.Villa — detached houses, often with garden and swimming pool. The cost of any real estate may be in a wide price range, which is associated with the size of the living space, the area of accommodation, distance from the beaches, location in the country and the surrounding landscaping. Thailand is actively built, so many items can be bought cheaper on one of the stages of construction. If you are targeting in the country and know exactly where you want to buy a property, you can safely go to the site and to begin the search object. If you are not sure, open the map, study the geography, look on the Internet photos and videos from different parts of the country, determined by location. Make a list of places where you would like to visit more often, find housing closer to him. Think about how you can move if you will need a car or motorcycle, how do you plan to eat, what purchases are usually made. Photo: On the basis of these characteristics find a place and then move on to the selection of real estate. Apartment, penthouse or townhouse in easier maintenance, because there is a management company that oversees the functions and supervises housing. To control the Villa required the employee is a reliable person who will manage the property in your absence. And, most importantly, carefully examine the vendor through which the purchase of real estate. Study documents, reviews, and carefully read the contract, consult a lawyer. We wish you a successful investment and good vacations!...