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How you can have diplomas of higher education? :.: Article 05.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Since ancient times, some members of the human race sought to the acquisition of knowledge, which allowed to occupy a higher position in society. Gradually formed and the concept of whether knowledge is purely specialized (specialist narrow profile), or a universal character (professional, owning adjacent fields). The starting area was considered as a single degree. But in a society over time, the priority was given direction by the presence of two diplomas. And even three! This does not have to have experience in each specialty. Just the other diplomas were "spare". In the Soviet Union and the socialist countries for five or six years, it was possible to get three diplomas of higher education, learning at the same time in different faculties. Especially popular was the training day for full-time, evening and correspondence forms. But others act differently. After receiving his diploma in one specialty and not working a day on it, went to another Department in the same University, becoming the eternal student. The state is not forbidden. Just an extra material cost was carried by the parents of the student as a stipend to live normally for a young man with the growing demand was quite difficult. Photo: Depositphotos Remember that a particular style was in those days to write in his autobiography about twice higher education. Some examples were even four or five or more diplomas by the time of retirement. It seemed that that is the limit of human capabilities who devoted his life to collecting diplomas. Although the fantasy in the movie was forced to doubt. In 2004 they released American movie "the Librarian". The plot in this was so. Student Flynn Carsen got a diploma, but immediately became a "nibble" granite science on to get second, third, fourth diploma... in Short, a typical case of the eternal student. In the mind of Flynn's books. He's not going to get married and settle somewhere to work. Flynn's mother is annoying, and it "pushes" it to work (by the way associated with books). In the library with a magical old editions required the caretaker. The test came very many who wish to obtain such a good place. Flynn, seeing the place, wants to go home. But he leaped pride. After all, he had 22 (!) diploma of higher education. He very easily passes the interview, brilliantly answering only two questions. Frame from the movie "the Librarian," the Logic of this movie is clear. As they say, knowledge is power. And a lot of knowledge does not happen. But it is in a fantastic movie. And like in real life? Turned out to be yet more complicated and confusing. All the cards are mixed fifty-year-old citizen of India, Partiban. He... 145 diplomas of higher education! He teaches in several colleges at the rate of Professor. While being in the ranks of the eternal students. Over 30 years in his collection of diplomas "written" almost all specialties, which are popular in India in these decades. No one beat the record? Yes, of course. But doctors alluding to a rare disease. The fact that this Professor is utterly obsessed with obtaining new licenses for its unusual collection. His life is subject only to this purpose. His day "painted" by the minute. In my head, only constant tests, tests, exams. The money from the work spent on the purchase of new textbooks for another selected for specialty training and at graduation with the Banquet on this occasion. In fact, people have become hostage of the education system. Professor Partisapate: Source But if to ponder, the situation with the eternal students are not so harmless as it may seem. Especially from a moral point of view. Eternal students (with the limited set of educational institutions) deprive others of the ability to acquire knowledge. However, they acquired knowledge not used in the public interest. And this is a very serious problem for our civilization. ...

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