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Are there any helpful supplements? :.: Article 05.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

, Many, hearing the words "food supplements", you begin to think about the dangers and negative impact of such elements. A huge number of publications, which lists dangerous "e" lead us to believe that the components that are added to foods during their industrial processing — dyes, thickeners, flavorings, preservatives — nothing but harm, to our body can not bring. The opinion is widespread, but not quite correct. There are supplements that are not only damaging to the body, but can even benefit the health. Here are some of these supplements and I would like to tell. What is made harmless additives? The starting material for the production of harmless "e"-additives are the following substances: plant of the ginger family, particularly turmeric, coal tar, tree resin acacia of the family, red algae (production of thickeners). Harmless additives manufactured mainly from specifico: Depositphotos Some supplements are produced through synthesis from vegetable raw materials, allocation of a specific item, for example, sodium salt of alginic acid, through the reaction of recovery of tartaric acid. Supplements There are supplements which have useful properties relative to malignant cells. This is the e-100, e-129, e-306. So e-100 promotes the death of cancer cells without adversely affecting healthy tissue. E-129, in result of the conducted researches proved the ability to reduce up to 40% the risk of stomach cancer. A e-306 reduces the probability of cancer due to its ability to bind free radicals. Additive e-407 and e-414 contribute to the excretion of heavy metals. Used in the confectionery industry for making chocolates, confectionery, marshmallows, icings, cookies, ice cream, dairy products, soft drinks. Malic acid, e-296, is used as a flavor enhancer confectionery products along with flavors. She's harmless and maintains the tone of the body. Not friends but not enemies Pink color of the sausage is obtained with the addition of e-120Foto: Depositphotos Have the following dietary supplements have not revealed beneficial effects on the body, however they are not harmful to health. This, for example, e-120, which gives a pleasant pink color of sausages. Material production — the beetles cochineal. Or dye e-133, manufactured from coal tar. The scope of ice — cream and soft drinks. Supplement can cause harm to people who can not tolerate aspirin, but others are quite harmless. Emulsifier, dye brown e-150a. The Supplement is derived from sugar by heating and decomposition, used in alcoholic drinks and desserts. The fact that the raw material is sugar, can cause some apprehension, but in fact the dye is not dangerous. However, you should know that in a large number of e-150a can cause stomach upset. Carrots, corn and palm oil get additive e-160, or — carotene. It is added to mayonnaise, yoghurt, cheeses, bakery products. E-160 gives the products a yellowish color. Additive used to the amount provided for technology, harmless to the body. In pharmaceuticals, concentrate carotene is used for the manufacture of drugs to the eye. Chemical compound that is present in the body of any person — sodium citrate. Industrially this compound is produced in the interaction of citric acid and sodium salt, it is not that other, as additive e-331. Harmless component that is added to many foods to prevent autoxidation. Then you can recall the e-471, which the chemical composition is similar to animal fat. It is naturally absorbed by the body. Supplements are almost all ready productphoto: Depositphotos E-316 obtained from sugar cane, beets, corn. It has properties of antioxidant, so can protect products against oxidation and color change. It is added to meat, fish, bread, used in baked goods and confectionery. For a healthy body e-316 is not harmful. We can mention in this regard that some experts mention the limit of consumption, it is as follows: 5 mg per 1 kg of body weight per day. In powdered products, e.g., powdered sugar, powdered soups, use e-470. Thanks to this additive in the mixtures does not occur lumps. Harmful effects of e-470 on the body has not. Here it is worth to mention silica, e-551. Just like e-470, it is used to prevent caking of dry mixes and similar products, information about the dangers of such additives is not available. In the dough for pasta, bread and other products, added e-474, plasticizer test. The Supplement is recognized as harmless by many countries. Also harmless lecithin, e-476. A food Supplement of vegetable origin, used for manufacturing chocolate and other confectionery products. But the compound present in the additive e-503, can be dangerous, but only in itself. The emulsifier used in the confectionery industry, when added to products, the damage to the body carries. Is it possible to remember all these supplements and is it necessary?Photo: Depositphotos In beverages, sauces and cheese used e-1450, ether starch and salt octanolactone acid, the compound fully digested and he is not the harmful effects. Other modified starches, e 1414 and e-1442, can be attributed to harmless. Although the additives e-1414 may cause an allergic reaction, but only people with individual susceptibility. As you can see, the list of food additives, which are harmless, and in some cases beneficial to the body, is large enough. Therefore, owning a wide information about these integral components of the modern food culture, we should not treat them negatively. Because these supplements help to provide "daily bread" a huge number of people. ...

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