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And again, the battle continues – indie publisher vs. G2A, G2A promises compensation for the victims of fraud the latest news on games. 05.07.2019 at 18:28 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Service for the resale of keys G2A commented regarding the call by some independent developers to download pirated versions of their games rather than buy them at G2A. Administration G2A promised the developers, victims of fraud, to cover the losses tenfold. Administration G2A has published a letter in which he tried to elaborate about how the service works, and where there appear the keys. In particular, G2A says that most of the keys available on the site, sell companies that buy keys from publishers in bulk and receive discounts. Some publishers directly sell keys on G2A. On the website it is possible to see that you buy a key from the developer or publisher of the project. With regard to draft Descenders from indie publisher No More Robots, then, according to G2A, when there were only five keys for this game since the release of the full version in may this year. G2A says that the developers Descenders do not lose money because of the service. We will remind that the employee of No More Robots Mike rose spoke out against G2A. According to a G2A, the most popular service is used by AAA games that sell very well on other sites. G2A also, the administration believes that the fraudsters will not be easy to make money through indie games. G2A are willing to pay the developers, who are victims of fraudulent schemes of compensation that is ten times greater than the loss. However, the studios have to prove that fraud took place. To do this, G2A ready to hire "reputable and independent audit company", which will check the store developers and service G2A. The first three check G2A pays out of pocket. Then each party pays 50 percent of the cost of the check. If it is proven fraud, the developers will receive compensation. The verification process will be as open to the public. Meanwhile, Mike rose of No More Robots, launched a petition asking the administration G2A to stop selling indie games on the service. According to him, "the platform again and again to the detriment of indie meet? allowing all illegal to sell keys for games with incredible ease and without consequences or tests." At the time of publication of news of a petition signed by more than 1.4 thousand people. Rose not passed the G2A application. In the statement, including, it was noted that No More Robots "is a very good job with the keys, which the Studio wants to see in a free market". According to rose, he had "very good deal" with the availability of the keys on the free market due to G2A. Because G2A publisher No More Robots lately not so readily distributes the keys for their games bloggers and less likely to participate in promotions like the Humble Bundle. Cheap keys for games from No More Robots emerge on G2A, which negatively affects sales of projects in Steam. "This is a problem for G2A," wrote rose. "G2A is not concerned about people making games. Do not give in to their speeches. Many developers tried to negotiate with them, but it is useless," said rose. According to rose, the problem is not how many copies of a particular indie games sold on G2A, and the value of the product. If a person sees a cheap key for the game on G2A, then he is unlikely to buy the project for its full value. G2A, in turn, believes that "games can be cheaper", and prides itself in offering great prices to its users. In a statement, G2A says that sales of indie games make up only 8% of the annual turnover of the service. Rose in his petition suggested that G2A to abandon this part of the income and to "do 99% of developers in the industry are happier, allowing them to preserve the value of their games."