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The beating of the corpse - Half-Life: Decay found an interesting "Easter eggs" the latest news on games. 06.07.2019 at 11:35 ( - all about the world of computer games.

YouTube-blogger MarphitimusBlackimus published a video demonstrating a hitherto unknown to the General public "Easter eggs" from the project Half-Life: Decay for PS2. In the fifth mission in the pool floats the corpse of the security guard Barney. This corpse can be destroyed with weapons, but the process risks to be tightened. The body of Barney over 3,000 health units. For the destruction of the body have, for example, hit him with a tire iron for more than 600 times. After the destruction of the body of him jumping Snark – small aliens that are used as weapons. The snarky can be thrown at enemies, and then creatures attack opponents some time and explode. They can attack and hero. Half-Life: Decay – additional co-op mode from version Half-Life for the PlayStation 2. In Decay, players play the role of two scientists trying to survive on the base of Black Mesa during the alien invasion. The project was done by Gearbox Software.