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I have no sisters, my little brother no

Zadolba!whether 06.07.2019 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Well, the author kind of started for the health, and finished the passage about terrible the only children in the family.

I bake almost all my life, because I am the same nightmare only child. According to the fighters for the increase in the birth rate should I be selfish Moody bitch that doesn't know how to do housework, can not earn money, spouse, and parent will be terrible, because has no idea about responsibility and love.

you know, like really?

as a child I was not spoiled. Yes, I had good clothes and toys and hunger I starved for educational purposes. But no frills, because our family was not rich.

Mothers I helped with early on, and at the age of seven began to learn to cook hot meals, because parents were at work.

ten — family was waiting with a hot dinner and done homework.

in the fifteen years I don't live at home, because at first it was a College Dorm, then the Conservatory, where in my third year I got married and lived with her husband in his apartment.

Yes, parents were involved in my life, sometimes helped money, especially when we are half-cut scholarship. But I think that relatives should help each other — it's called "family". Or I confuse something?

Now I, myself, have a child. Yes, one. And certainly we do not raise him as a "little Emperor" we're teaching him hard work, independence and ability to make decisions and to bear for them responsibility.

For his thirty-plus years, I have seen different people — children and adults. And you know, having siblings does not make one better or worse. I've seen normal children, which was the only one in the family or were brought up without fathers. I saw young freaks of full families with many children. The question in education.

But zadolbalo sucks and still is the idea that the only family the child will grow up a bastard. I especially liked to make the brain our school psychologist:

— Hmm, strange. You have no brother nor sister there, and you talk like a normal person!

But what was I supposed to do? Attacking people with a knife?

In General, for all school years, I have found no deviations in the psyche, though this heroic woman was struggling.

the Son also kill:

— where's your brother? No brother? And sister? Why not? Ask mom and dad sister or brother on birthday!

the Only conservative education does not allow us to take... and Although you really want.

Not far behind, and every distant relative:

— And pochemuuuu? One child is half a child! Urgently give birth to another one before it's too late! Can't what? Well, of course Baba defective got.

Well, there is no longer hesitating, sent by the mother, on the Volga. This guy to ME "defective" caught. We can barely conceive, the second will not happen. But to explain this to every aunt Dusya have no desire to.

I'm not against large families. I'm certainly not against the preservation of culture, because she is doing the same. But gosh darn it! Enough to put children who have no brothers and sisters, some terrible monsters!