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I called you but you didn't look back, I shed tears, but you didn't come

Zadolba!whether 06.07.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Can such "clowns" and look ridiculous, but the blame for their having made them yourself.

Go to a specialist and seeing the conversation on the phone, quietly sit down to wait. All right? One question: how soon you finish talking? Omit that from the point of view of politeness, this scheme is very questionable, but it still does not give any guarantees.

You were on the outside of the cases with a friend? You quickly answer customer questions by phone and pay attention to the visitor? Or right now involved in a long phone meeting? All of this radically different situation.

the General funny picture: visitors continue to "wink, swollen eyes, make some faces, waving hands, first quietly and then loudly whispering the essence of the problem," and you don't even think to somehow respond to them. Surprise surprise, people stop trying to get your attention, when you get a modicum of the attention.

As the person whose actual job it is mandatory interaction with visitors, you have to understand that we hold dear our time. See the person — tell the person: "Wait a second," and briefly introduce the included in the course of the case, about estimating the waiting time.

of Course, even after the phrase: "Hello, please wait 5-10 minutes" — will be individuals who "I quickly", but that's another story.

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