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Now in store I in charge

Zadolba!whether 07.07.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Well, let's be honest, my hardworking friend.

You work as a seller. This is the sort of work that can be paid are incredibly high and humiliating low. And it depends on you.

In the broadest sense, sellers can be divided into two categories: the progressive scale of wages and Okladnikov.

With Okladnikov all just sitting in the shop, the watchman of the product. Sometimes tell the client how to find the right thing. And salary as watchman. Well, why not? Work — do not beat lying. Sit, read a book, the phone sticks two by two to twelve hours.

with regard to sellers for a percentage — it's simple (not). Both worked received. But without the top strap. And people who can make the most (or close to that) from its outlets, is valued everywhere. With this skill, is not lost neither in Moscow nor in Dudinka (forgive me Dudince). Low percentage/high fines/low klientopotok! — all at once solved by changing jobs. I feel that this place is no longer to make — go to another. Jobs sellers are always open. Go where the percentage is higher and/or more clients and earn as much as you can.

But zadolbali the author it seems that she wants to guard the item, but to receive a salary comparable to colleagues that really work sellers. A common wish.

But no, it doesn't work.