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The better you know people, the more fond of cats

Zadolba!whether 07.07.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I'm tired of people who react inappropriately to normal domestic cats.

I Have two cats. Periodically I had to move, and I regularly drag them to the vet. Traveling animals are always moving and I've hesitated inadequate reaction to the animal in a plastic box with a grate.

the Mother with a small child:

— what Kishu view?!

No, you cannot, because kitty does not like the one what tells you his evil hiss and a growl. And especially don't need to stick your fingers in glue... Nothing to shout, the woman and I, and the cat you have been warned. I can give your child patch, but no shame for the behavior of the pet I do not feel.

— can I pet him?

No, impossible. Yes, this cat is not as aggressive as the other, but to get him out of the carrying case, which with great difficulty Packed, I'm not going.

— Well I'm a little! and pulls his hands to carry.

NO! Impossible! Hands off, fellow! In response to the hurt look.

Taking the cat to the vet.

— And where is this going?

— Yes to our Dr. Dolittle.

— have nothing more to Do. Cheaper your neck Yes a new start!

Rejoice, man cannot with impunity beat strangers. Otherwise, you would have received in the face. Not only that, I generally do not ask how to deal with the diseased animals, I have everything else a hell of a thing for the death of Pets. Yes, nobody must know about my childhood traumas, but such unwelcome statements generally beyond good and evil.

Zadolbali on the subject of the relation of family and cats, too, appear constantly.

Sometimes you need to carry both beasts, and this helps me the husband I am married, Yes, and jokes about forty cats I also got to livers! Here at starts:

— Cats they breed and have children?

Grandma, I'm seeing you for the first and hopefully the last time. What do you care if we have kids or not? Can house seven on the benches sit.

Sitting at the train station with Luggage and animals, my husband went to buy a ticket for the commuter train. Not bothering anyone, reading a book. Suddenly my space invades some aunt:

— Girl, I saw you have takoi husband is beautiful!

I'm — she will ask you to share?!

the Aunt continues:

— You have tied up with these cats and had a baby. You have such beautiful kids were! And look, leave and find a normal, which the children, not cats need.

Here I could not resist and made the woman what I think of her and her advice.

— well I just said! — the woman is indignant and proudly removed.

it is not easy to be a cat owner... But for these arrogant whiskered snouts we are willing to endure these annoying, but all the same stuff.