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Sobriety is the choice of a strong

Zadolba!whether 07.07.2019 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I'm just not a drinking man. And this is enough to be zadolbali.

Yeah, I don't drink alcohol at all. In General, Yes.

Yes, even beer. Beer also contains alcohol, sometimes a considerable share (about soft don't ask).

No New Year without champagne it may even be fun.

Oh, and the birthday too. Communication, Goodies, games do not give a miss.

No, my family do not drink. And close friends nondrinkers. For a fun and productive pastime, we dope not needed.

No, I'm not taking away people glasses of wine, shots of vodka etc, if so will a company that, fortunately, is very rare. And about the dangers of alcohol lectures they do not read. But in his address a lot of things unflattering about the reluctance to drink hear.

religion have nothing to do with. I use common sense.

And health too, although poor health is hardly the only reason that is considered respectful, not to drink, and even then not always.

No, weddings don't drink either. Went off with one such "event" when he realized that scandal, due to the unwillingness to drink, can not be avoided.

No, at the funeral too, do not drink. I'd better commemorate the dead with a kind word, not vodka.

No, I don't think "bolly", Martini, etc. "feminine" drinks. Alcohol for me has no gender.

No, I don't have to restrain myself to give up booze.

No, I encoded. I just don't need.

Yes, I am. Yes, not all Russians drink. Amazing, isn't it?

the People! I just don't want to drink alcohol. I have no craving for it.

What you have, or what it is? Don't know, you know better. And I just leave it alone.