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There will always be Eskimos who will begin to teach the Papuans to live in terrible heat

Zadolba!whether 07.07.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

But I have zadolbali mirror for "zadolbali stuffiness".

Summer finally warmed up, the temperature reached my favorite 28-30 degrees, but they appear, "that's hot." They urgently require to turn on the air conditioner and put it high on the 23 "because it's the norm," and 15, "because its hot".

They pour water, and then fanning themselves with a fan, driving the air moisture and smell of his sweat. If the street the cold wind, they will certainly require to open the Windows "to muzzle", it is better if the same fifteen degrees.

They offer "to those who are cold, take warm clothes" because they sit in the heat, wrapped in the rags of a dozen different types and style. And to undress you tried? There are t-shirts, shorts, tops?

you do Not want? I don't want to wear a sweater in the summer, when it's easy enough to turn off the damn air conditioning.

They say about the figure and the fat — well, my figure you can see, just because I love the heat, but its something you have seen under the mass of rags? One of us is fat?

just to those who have too much and usually get too hot. No heatersthe, simple biology: subcutaneous fat helps to maintain body heat. Ask a seal or a polar bear.

And again about the rules: you love to talk about "normal at 23 degrees," but do you understand that this is not about comfort, but about the minimization of costs in the centralized heating?

one could, and ten would have written, but the tenants will be ill, and residents of apartment buildings — the same workers, and they lie disease load on the health system and GDP growth.

Still, there are standards of humidity, only when the humidity is high, "standards", the heat converted in the heat in the bath, and cool in the wet cold.

So you put your wet rags and fans to hell. You look, and not be so stuffy.

And the fresh air is good. Warm, fresh, dry air, of which so little remains, thanks to your efforts, your conditioning, your moisturizers, deodorants and sweat with which they cannot cope.