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Cracks in the Antarctic ice, soon formed a giant iceberg

NEWS PLANET 04.07.2019 at 16:32

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As reported by workers from the Centre for polar observation and modelling, which exists at the British University of Leeds, in the glacier of Brant a couple of years ago formed several serious cracks. They can give rise to an iceberg the size of how impressive the island as grown enough to connect the portal

the Cracks were so large that even received the name – Chasm-1 and crack Halloween. At length they reach 55 and 60 km, respectively. Three kilometers before the merger, Forbes reports.

the Area of the iceberg will be 1594 square kilometers. This exceeds the island of Hawaii. Scientists have moved their station Halley VI, where studies are being conducted to another point of the glacier, not to be on the drifting piece of ice.

Experts said that for the last twenty years there are a lot of icebergs in Antarctic waters. The processes are quite natural, especially given the recent climate change.