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In three years Antarctica has lost ice area with Mexico: the ice melts away from the crazy pace

NEWS PLANET 05.07.2019 at 07:47

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Scientists estimate that over the past three years Antarctica has lost ice floating, which has an area comparable to the area of Mexico. The ice volume started to decline rapidly in 2014, today, each new year has the old records. Just from 2014-2017 disappeared 800 thousand square kilometres of ice. For comparison, this amount of ice cover, the Arctic has lost over three decades, according to the portal

Experts are trying to determine why from 1979 to 2014, the amount of floating ice increased, and now is dramatically reduced. A group of researchers, which also includes NASA, trying to establish what is happening is a natural process or is it a consequence of global warming. Surely climate change has now reached the South pole?

Before Antarctica was not observed such processes in such accelerated rate in contrast to the Arctic. Such rapid changes indicate that nature may in a very short time to evolve, people today need to prepare for the worst. Last year the amount of ice in Antarctica is slightly increased, but still is at a critically low level.