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Two strong consecutive earthquakes in California: scientists talk about the continuation of seismic activity

NEWS PLANET 06.07.2019 at 11:52

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4 Jul California residents felt strong tremors underfoot. It turned out that an earthquake of magnitude 6.4. This is the strongest event in the last two decades, its epicenter was located near Ridgecrest (150 km North of Los Angeles). The earthquake forced local authorities to declare a state of emergency, informs a portal

a day Later, after he calmed down the first crash happened the second earthquake by force 5,4 points. According to the Geological service, the epicenter was located 9.7 miles West of SearlesValley. Fortunately, no damage to the infrastructure the second time it wasn't revealed (at least to calls from residents on this matter have been reported).

Experts believe that next week will be another seismic event of a magnitude of 4-5 points. And in the coming days is not excluded the three-point shocks, they will last for several days.

the Quake on Thursday was felt not only in California but also in Nevada. The disaster destroyed buildings in the Ridgecrest, due to what started the fires. Even had to evacuate a hospital. One day he entered 160 emergency calls. The clinic was unable to handle them.

in addition, known about the formation of large cracks in the asphalt, partial destruction of some houses (also with cracks) and damage to water networks.