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Flesh-eating bacteria can be not only in the water: scientists made a disappointing conclusion

NEWS PLANET 06.07.2019 at 12:16

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Some time ago the social network Facebook there was a post in which the owner of the surf center in Florida shared information about an unpleasant infected by flesh-eating bacteria. Despite the fact that the most interesting man a few days did not go to sea, where it could theoretically catch it, according to the portal

Experts, having studied the history of American, stated that Vibrio VibrioVulnificus that cause necrotizing fasciitis can be not only in the water. Thus, the microorganisms can easily migrate to sand or in any other place on land, said dermatologist Mary Hicks.

is not a reason to abandon trips to the beach. Just need before entering the sea, and all contact with those or other items to see if on the body cuts. Otherwise, the infection will happen instantly, you have to act quickly.

In recent days, reports of flesh-eating bacteria had been too much. If time does not detect the infection, then you can stay without limbs or even die.