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Complete collection of extensions // Finished documents acceptance from candidates in Moscow

The Newspaper "Kommersant". The main thing 07.07.2019 at 21:59

Daily illustrated national business newspaper

At 18:00 on Saturday, the Moscow election Committee has finished documents acceptance from candidates for deputies of the Moscow city Duma. According to “Kommersant”, of the 426 persons nominated registration documents handed over 292. Among them, 102 the independent candidate, including the candidates-United Russia: the party that has the majority in the current composition of the city Duma, hopes to remain so in the future, but in the election, your brand is not yet using. Until the candidates are more than the Moscow city Duma elections in 2014: every place in the city Parliament claims 6.4 vs 5.7 four years ago. Political analysts say that the real level of competition can be assessed after the registration is complete: a self-nominated from those who managed to collect the required number of signatures, can be screened out following the results of check of subscription lists and independent candidates fear that they will affect to a greater extent than the candidates of the "city of the party of power." The willingness of the capital's voters to participate in elections is still low: about plans to come to the stations sociologists reported by 44% of respondents, but 89% don't Express interest in the campaign.