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On the future of transport

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. 07.07.2019 at 21:31

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. / RSS channel

Here I raised the issue about hyperloop — and I understand that the audience Smartlabel not about the venture, but as you have providitsa.

1) Hyperloop will not, and will not be high-speed rail. It is very expensive for most economies in the world. Why is there so much money pouring China nobody knows. Maybe they just decided all the patents in this area to take.

Generally all that is connected with construction of roads is very expensive. And such high quality roads as needed for vysokochastotnogo train (and I was in China and used these high-speed trains) it's just a lot of money.

2) there Will be planes. Flights will be even cheaper. Airports will be very simple — in fact there is no check-in minimum check — fast scanner and you are all going to land. Maybe it will be possible to catch the flight and fly the next — that such are the mass transportation between cities.

it is Possible to reduce the cost we will see the main aircraft without crew, even without glasses, just the Bank's computer-controlled. Even managers will not, the Luggage also will not be all with you to the salon. In this case, it is possible to do 9 flights a day on one plane between St. Petersburg and Moscow with the ticket price about 20$. Maybe also reduce the speed to 500-600 rvs to further save fuel.

3) invest funds now invest in trucks without drivers massively. If there are trucks that can run 24 hours a day rushing for 150 mph and more — that a railroad to transport just die as a class. It will just be cheaper. To make such truck is possible now — all the technology is. Truckers will disappear before the taxi drivers. All the way logistics companies are also rest — is uber for delivery.

4) intra-urban changes, we will see a lot of robotaxi — moreover, in the embodiment bus. Only there's no bus in the conventional sense — just a van that carries all — where pooplo. you just specify in the application how and where, all marshrutka you quickly lifts and carries. It will all be much cheaper than the current uber (fuel divided by all passengers, plus the driver), in such minibuses — machine poterat any value. We see the crisis of the automotive industry. As these taxis will also take on the road 10% of that would be passengers in the car — tube as a class will disappear. Average speed will be under 150 mph. Algorithms give a shit how fast a car goes — there is no emotion, and is open 24 hours. To create these taxis can now — in California alone I know of 4 startups involved in this.


Automakers will be destroyed. There will be new uberi in transportation of passengers, the current leaders of this market will die -will sverkhtekuchesti. Railways will die very quickly — as soon as the first unmanned truck will leave on a flight, you can safely short the rail. The airline will be able to build airports. A small single lane, but with a very very fast landing and disembarkation of passengers. Already there are a few discounters who understand this and are doing — such as Airasia. By the way their action can buy ;)

In electric planes, or drones carrying people I do not believe — easy ACC while in nature — as will — maybe we all forget that there is such a thing as a road.

But the pizza delivery drone — is already underway. We have in San Diego, so uber is delivering food. The client does not see the drone on the end sits a special person who takes out the drone and delivers the food already in the area.

by the Way, I think McDonald's and similar networks, too, will die — the shipping cost due to drones can be very sharp fall off to practically zero and Mak Dak nobody wants to be. ordered food to his home will cost at polacca — cheaper than the petrol to get to the Mac. Competitive advantage in the field of fast cheap food will disappear.