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Photo for memory

Blog Yandex 01.07.2019 at 10:55

Blog Yandex

On Yandex.ROM conveniently store pictures from your phone. If the application CD includes the startup, all pictures you make on the camera of a smartphone or tablet are automatically stored in the cloud and does not occupy a place in it. The disk becomes an endless photo archive, which documented the daily life: step by step, day after day, year after year.

the archive does not revise for an hour, like old albums. First, it is too large: thousands, or tens of thousands of images. Second, not all photos taken on the phone, bring back memories. Pictures from vacation I want to flip, but the photos from the visa application center with samples of filling out the questionnaire is very unlikely.

Mobile Yandex.Drive able to recall the photographs from the archive. From time to time it is for you a selection of images for a particular period — say, a play the year before that may weekend or for the summer of 2015.

Such collections is a good occasion to recall events that may have faded from memory. For example, that in July last year was a beautiful sunset, in April last, suddenly, the snow fell in November 2016 you dyed your hair red, and in March of 2015, sitting with friends in a solar Eclipse.

We want the collection of photos, which is a Disk, awakened people's memories and evoked a desire to "sleep" in the old pictures. Drive control algorithms: it is difficult to explain why one photo sneaks up chills, and the other does not cause any feelings. Nevertheless, it is possible to formulate some General rules. Obviously, the first snow on the green leaves, mountain landscape or a selfie at the bar are charged with emotions much stronger than a photo with the schedule of trains — although, of course, anything can happen. Therefore we recently started to use to compile collections of computer vision. The algorithm analyzes the images and selects those that are very likely interesting to the user.

Vladimir Rusinov, head of Yandex.Disk

In the evaluation of photographs is taken into account a variety of parameters. The algorithm pays attention to the story: so, landscape or group portrait is more likely to be in the collection than in the image of the document. Take into account the quality of the photos is overexposed or too dark photos are screened. Same with the sharpness of multiple images with a similar plot other things being equal, the algorithm will choose the one on which the picture sharper.

the collection of fall images that the algorithm has assigned the highest scores on set of parameters. Photo with the highest score becomes the cover of the compilation. You have the opportunity to look at other pictures during this period — at the bottom of each stack there is a button "All photos". If the selection is like, she can share it with your friends.

the computer vision Technology is used in the Drive not only to create collections, but also to search for photos. Thanks to it you can quickly find in the huge archive of the desired picture. For example, the query "dog", the Drive will show all the pictures with the dogs and, on request, a "passport" photos of the documents. Read more about how Disc works with photos, read this post.

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